Without Carnival parades, Airbnb wants to revel online


Sapucaí, in 2021, will be silent during the carnival. With the festivities postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic, party in Rio de Janeiro, the most famous in the world, it loses tourists, taxes and the livelihood of communities in Rio de Janeiro where the carnival takes place all year long: from preparation to holidays.

The city of Rio would be preparing to receive people from Brazil and the world during the next few days, but it will have a different carnival. THE Airbnb is helping to mitigate the effects of that difference. The company, which offers experiences that can be acquired by tourists since 2017, has transposed to digital a series of scripts and activities that can be acquired on the platform.

The packages to enjoy the carnival on Airbnb are featured on the platform by the end of February and can be purchased from R $ 15. They are offered by giant partners, such as school Academicians from Grande Rio, and there are options from samba classes to percussion workshops.