Workout: Pedro accepts Bianca’s indecent proposal to win Karina


Pedro (Rafael Vitti) will accept an indecent proposal from Bianca (Bruna Hamú) in Malhação. The would-be guitarist will agree to receive money from Karina’s sister (Isabella Santoni) in exchange for winning the brown fighter in Globo’s teen soap opera.

In previous chapters, Pedro tried to save money for recording his band’s demo. The boy, who only came out at a loss, will be the subject of a conversation between Tomtom (Bianca Vedovato) and Bianca, in which the girl will assure her brother that she likes Karina.

In scenes that will air on the 22nd, Duca’s girlfriend (Arthur Aguiar) will ask to talk to the boy. “Karina likes you, why don’t you try with her again?”, Says the drama student.

Pedro will ask her to give up on joining the two. “My life is already very complicated. I just need money. Do you have it?” The boy will be surprised by Bianca’s despair but will take advantage of the moment to ask for a large sum. “If you give me R $ 2 thousand reais, I will try”, he will add.

Gael’s eldest daughter (Eriberto Leão) will take offense and say that her sister “is not for sale”. However, after hearing Karina talking to a friend in the bathroom about being in love, she will change her mind.

Bianca will meet Pedro and make the proposal. “Although I think all of this is crazy, doing wrong for someone’s sake can,” she agreed. He will be undecided, but will soon end up stumbling over the money.

In time, Karina will fall in love with the boy and will be reciprocated. When the couple is living the dream relationship, Jade (Anaju Dorigon) will shoot the truth in front of the audience during a fight with Bianca in the Ribalta play.

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