Worried about eliminating BBB21, Arthur cries and assumes: ‘I made mistakes’


Believing that he will be eliminated from BBB21 this Tuesday (9th), Arthur Picoli cried and assumed that he “made mistakes” during the reality show. In conversation with Projota, the crossfit instructor was touched while assessing his trajectory in the competition and confessed that he is concerned with the public’s opinion.

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Upon realizing that the capixaba was alone on the outside sofa, the rapper approached his partner and asked: “Are you angry about something or are you just sad?”. “Bravo with me, mané”, replied the member of Pipoca, shaken.

“I made the mistakes in here that I said I was not going to do”, vented Arthur. “You certainly didn’t make many mistakes that you didn’t want to make either,” countered Projota in an attempt to console his partner.

Still shaken, Carla Diaz’s affair followed with the report: “I hate to assume that I am afraid”. Projota questioned the reason for this feeling, and the physical education professional replied: “Not so much the fact of leaving, but what will be out there. I entered here, at least I was a professional whore, I don’t know what guys is finding out there “.

“You are the same professional you were, the same guy. I don’t know, Bil [Arcrebiano de Araújo] is a professional in the same profession as you. Do you think his career ended when he left? Or don’t you realize that this is an assessment that we usually do about us, always! Everyone here makes mistakes, they will make mistakes! “, Reinforced the Camarote artist.

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