Yudi Tamashiro cries when he says that his father suffered a heart attack due to Covid-19 – Young Pan


Mother and sister of the presentation also have the disease, only he of the family was not infected

Reproduction / Instagram / yuditamashiro / 16.03.2021Yudi Tamashiro recorded a video to say that the family is going through a difficult time

The host Yudi Tamashiro made a video venting on social networks about the health status of his dad, Nelson, who is admitted to the ICU with Covid-19. The former presenter of “Good Morning & Company”Said on Tuesday, 16, that his mother, Tânia, and his sister, Yumi, also tested positive for the disease. “My father’s condition is worse. That night he had a heart attack, he’s intubated. Mine mother it’s mine sister they are also with Covid. I’m the only one in my house that I’m not [com a doença] and I’m on the run to help my family. What I ask of you is what I asked for when my mother had cancer, just prayer. I’m making this video not to promote myself or anything [do tipo], I do not need this. I ask for prayer. Those who believe, pray for my family, please ”, said the artist crying. In the comments of the publication, many fans and artists sent messages of support to the former participant of “The farm”.