Yugnir Angelo vents about suffering after breaking up his engagement to Mirela Janis


Power Couple Brasil 5 participants Yugnir Ângelo and Mirela Janis ended their engagement last week. The businessman was silent for a few days, but decided to open the game about the end of the relationship this Monday (23). “I’m suffering,” he assumed.

The dancer’s ex-fiancé posted some videos on Instagram Stories and explained why he disappeared from social media after the announcement of the breakup.

“I’m back here on Instagram, it’s been a few days since I’ve been missing, but it’s because several things have happened in my life, several problems. It was a ‘storm’ here these days: I lost Instagram, my account [ficou] blocked up, [teve] my breakup with Mirela,” he began.

The businessman, who earned the nickname Cremosinho while he was with Mirela, also pointed out that he does not usually tell details about his personal life, but made an exception because he considers his ex-fiancé a very special person:

I’ve never talked here about my relationships, my past relationships and relationship breakups, but I felt the need to open my heart here and talk a little about what Mirela means to me. Mirela means, to me, true love, pure love, truly. She is a very bright and intelligent girl.

Yugnir took the blame for the breakup, however he avoided giving too much detail about the matter.

“I didn’t know how to give her the value she really deserves. I came here to ask Mirela’s forgiveness for the things I’ve done to her in the past, even for the things she thinks I’ve done. I know there’s no turning back, I know there’s no way we can go back to the past to make some mistakes right. I needed to tell how much I love Mirela and how much I’m suffering with her loss.”

In the last part of the video, the Power Couple participant said that he is a better person thanks to the time he spent with his ex-partner and said that he still has feelings for her.

“I want to tell you, Mirela, that I love you so much. You were a person who added a lot to my life, a person who made me change my thoughts, made me be someone else. The Yugnir of now is no longer the Yugnir of back there. Once again, I ask your forgiveness for all the harm I’ve done to you, for all the harm you think I’ve done. I just wanted to tell you this: that I love you so much,” he added.

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