Yugnir declares war on Deborah and Bruno in Power Couple: ‘Bullet changed’


Yugnir Ângelo declared war on Bruno Salomão and Deborah Albuquerque on Power Couple Brasil 5. Mirela Janis’s husband did not like to see his partner being attacked by the actress and the doctor during the formation of DR on Wednesday (26). “Bullet changed,” fired the businessman.

This Thursday (27), in conversation with Janis, Jonathan Costa and Carolina Santos, Yugnir commented on the hot spot of the time, which has the participation of the rival couple. “If it happens that Bruno and Deborah stay, it’s a bullet. They shoot us, and we shoot them. And we avoid [contato com] them, of course, “he said.

“I find it very difficult for them to stay,” said Carol. “Me either [acho]. From what happened to the [Fernanda] Medrado, what happened to Márcia Fellipe, what happened to Mirela [Janis] here and with Mari [Matarazzo]. It didn’t just happen with Mirela, it was with Mari and Nina [Cachoeira]. Her mask falls off, “Yugnir bet, referring to the various fights that Deborah has played since entering the program.

“[O caso] Da Nina was fucking heavy, “commented Jonathan.” It was heavy “, agreed Mirela’s husband. When talking about Nina, the two participants were referring to the fact that Deborah exposed that Filipe Duarte’s wife suffers from panic syndrome .

Watch the video below:

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