Zezinho has a heroic act in Save yourself Quem Can: ‘He did more than the PF’


Zezinho (João Baldasserini) stole the show in the evening’s chapter this Monday (12) of Salve-se Quem Puder. The brucutu handed documents to the consul Adriana (Ana Carbatti), which incriminate Dominique (Guilhermina Guinle). On social networks, fans of the serial celebrated the act as heroic, and there were even internet users speculating that Alexia’s boyfriend (Deborah Secco) has already done more than the Federal Police (PF) in Daniel Ortiz’s serial.

Right after the showing of the scene, which Alexia’s protector, Kyra (Vitória Strada) and Luna (Juliana Paiva) photograph and deliver the evidence that incriminates the villain, the character’s name was among the most talked about topics on Twitter.

“Amazing Zezinho. It did more than the PF”, wrote internet user Lulu. “Zezinho saved Renzo, took photos of the documents and also saved the evidence. He does everything. Haters can foam, Brucutu is legendary,” agreed Grazielle.

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