Alleged Pot Doping Corruption Scheme Under Investigation


António Cotrim / Lusa

The Public Ministry is investigating allegations of an alleged corruption scheme, in the context of a doping case of Pedro Gonçalves, the Sporting athlete best known for Pote, when he was still playing at Famalicão.

The news is advanced by the newspaper Novo which states that the Attorney General’s Office (GDPR) received two complaints, in December 2020 and January 2021, indicating an alleged “corruption scheme” that involves the player’s manager.

At issue is a doping control in June 2020 when Pot will have “tested positive”, according to the publication.

O athlete’s entrepreneur will have bribed various elements of the Portuguese Anti-Doping Authority (ADoP) and the Anti-Doping Disciplinary College (CDA) in order to delay the disciplinary process in order to avoid preventive suspension.

The aim would be to prevent the predictable transfer of the athlete to a larger club, given its good performance, did not materialize.

O Sporting signed Pot in August 2020 for 6.5 million euros.

The disciplinary process for the athlete, in the scope of the doping case, was filed in November 2020 when Pote was already shining at Sporting, with 9 goals scored and worth six points to the lions in the championship.

The Novo attests that the pot entrepreneur will have paid 80 thousand euros in bribes. The president of ADoP, Manuel Brito, and the executive director of the entity, Júlio Nunes, will have shared 30 thousand euros, “through a friend of the latter, connected to football”, according to the same newspaper.

The remaining 50 thousand euros, on the other hand, were destined to the head of the ADoP legal division, Rui Alves, to the CDA judge, José Fanha Vieira, and to the doctor Luís Horta, who is also a member of the latter body, according to the said publication.