António Oliveira resigns from Athletico-PR: ‘I leave with a clear conscience’ – Prime Time Zone


The request comes soon after the team is defeated by Cascavel, in the semifinal of the Paraná Championship

Disclosure/Athletico-PRAntónio Oliveira asked to leave the command of Athletico-PR

The Coach António Oliveira announced this Thursday morning, 9 that he resigned to the board of directors of Athletico-PR. In a statement released on social networks, the Portuguese extolled the opportunity received by the Hurricane and said that he leaves the club with “a clear conscience”. The request comes right after the team is defeated by Cascavel, in the semifinal of the Paraná Championship. Athletico, however, is in the quarterfinals of the Brazil’s Cup and in the semi of Sul-Americana. No brazilian, the team occupies the ninth position.

“Today I’m ending my time at Club Athletico Paranaense by my decision, which I have matured for a long time and for various reasons that have been consciously and professionally evaluated. It was a very valuable professional experience, where I met fantastic people and learned how to overcome myself, showing that it is possible to think big, even with all the existing difficulties. Several clubs remembered my name, but I decided to stick with the project. I would like to congratulate this team for their enormous effort and dedication. But as I always said, players are not machines and everything has limits. I leave with a clear conscience and I am grateful for the support of everyone who, together with me, left a fall zone last year for the final phase of two of the World Cups, simultaneously, an unprecedented fact in the history of CAP”, he wrote.