Artistic note: FC Porto with goal so far … in Iran – ZAP


You, who are there on that side, admit it: you had never heard these chords:

I present: it is the official anthem of Champions League, the most media competition of clubs in football. And it is in this competition that the FC Porto, already in the quarter-finals, against Chelsea.

In the first leg the Portuguese champion lost 2-0 but played in Seville, far from our country. Now the game will be… in Seville? Are they giving us music?

Portuguese receive English: game held in Spain. Englishmen receive Portuguese: game held in Spain. That’s what I realized. But I must be crazy.

And during the game I confirmed that I am really crazy. Crazy and little informed: I didn’t even know that the coach of FC Porto was suspended by UEFA… That alone explains the location of Julen Lopetegui, on the benches.

But Lopetegui himself must also be out of his mind. The day after I left, I read that the Spaniard went to the stadium to see the Corona up close, to have Corona close by next season. Who wants to have the corona around?

Everything is crazy.

Speaking of Corona, you could have directed the ball better, at that moment when you left the defender out of play, already inside the area. It is that spaces like that are hardly repeated, until the end of the game. Look, in the first game, at Port … in Seville, the English saw that they had space and scored. Twice. You you send the ball to the clouds… So it gets complicated.

And it was difficult to see the goalkeepers moving during the first half. O FC Porto needed to score. It was the only team that needed to score. But the goalkeeper must be given work. Lets see the statistics range: zero saves. No goalkeeper had to seriously apply for 45 minutes. This is how the work that the Mendy had. Or didn’t.

To have or not to have: that is the question.

To have and not to have: that is the question. Will have will and commitment wanting to score against Chelsea. AND not having the ability not even frighten the opposing goalkeeper.

Let’s face it, my friend: the goal was so far until the break …

First defense of the game! At 64 minutes! What a feat. In fact, in the game all Mendy only made two saves and both were easy. O Marchesin he applied himself seriously in a quick counterattack by Pulisic – and this seemed to be the only great goal opportunity in this duel.

Until, already in discounts, appeared … that.

I don’t even know how to classify that movement from Taremi. But I can say a few things: first, it immediately reminded me of a famous goal by Cristiano madeiran, in Turin, but when he still lived in Madrid; second, I thought this goal should have been scored earlier; third, I found this most beautiful bike than many that circulate during the Volta a Portugal.

We won. But we lost. The Portuguese champion was among the eight best teams in the Champions League this season. AND could clearly have entered the top four. It was a pity. But what good is it to dominate in possession of the ball, to tilt the field, when don’t mark yourself and almost no situations are created to score?

Ah, but in the end, the usually disgusted Sérgio Oliveira said: “I don’t remember any chances created by Chelsea”. Oh no? I happen to remember. It was just one, but I remember. But, except for the goal, do you remember opportunities created by FC Porto, which was the team that needed to score?

Nuno Teixeira, ZAP //