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Artistic note: Portugal at the rhythm of Crist (ian) the Superstar – ZAP


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Today’s focus is Luxembourg-Portugal.

But I will start with the second act of this drama of the national team, divided into three acts.

On Serbia: many comments have already been made about the moment when the number 7 threw the captain’s armband for the ground.

But I focus on what he did seconds before: walked towards the locker room when the game was still going on. Yes, in principle the referee would end the duel shortly afterwards, when the goalkeeper threw the ball forward … But what if he didn’t? The game in progress and Portugal with one less player because that player left early, irritated; because that player can do whatever he wants without being punished; because that player is called Cristiano and Cristiano comes from Christ.

Crist (ian) is the “superstar”.

Still in Serbia, UEFA indicates that Portugal only shot twice towards the goal in Belgrade. In other words, in Diogo Jota’s two goals. In other words, that last shot of the superstar could never have entered. Because it wasn’t even a shot on goal! What’s up, UEFA?

It must have been on the list of intercepted shots, okay.

Luxembourg is the next stop. THE fifth best selection national team in the world, according to the FIFA table, face the 98th ranked in that list. This is going to be easy.

There it is: almost half an hour and a Portuguese goal. Gerson Rodrigues opened the scoring in favor of… Luxembourg? A man who was born in Portugal he is all happy to celebrate a goal he scored against Portugal. Well, the man who conceded that goal is a goalkeeper who was born in France and was very happy to be European champion against France.

Traitors, some will say.

1-0. Result of a sloppy entry by the Portuguese team. And Gerson almost doubled, shortly after.

Who’s going to wake this up? Jota, of course. Head goal, just like the two in Belgrade.
There are few doubts (or none) about the quality of our post-Christian attack. He appeared Bernardo silva: hey, this is a really good player! He appeared Bruno Fernandes: this is the biggest! He appeared João Félix: no, this is it! And now, Diogo Jota. All good and all together; they are all there in the attack of the national team, playing at the same time. And even more will come, from the under-21s.

The superstar can dedicate himself to golf whenever he wants. In the selection, everything is fine.

Speaking of superstar, he was the one who completed the turnaround early in the second half. He had not scored in the previous four games, had such a reaction in Serbia and, after this goal, missed another goal when he only had the goalkeeper in front of him.
But has scored 103 times. Let us not crucify him.

Luxembourg still threatened another draw, Gerson was once again close to betraying the country where he was born, but who scored was Straw, rookie in the list of markers by selection.

Accounts closed at 1-3 and simultaneous three-act drama closed. Three miserable games and three wins. Oh no, that wasn’t even a shot on goal.

Now relax, think of nothing. Clean your minds.

We already know where we will be, soon: at the European, defending the title.


It’s a bigger week, or holy week.

Nuno Teixeira, ZAP //


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