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Belenenses 0-3 Benfica | Swiss gale after rest – ZAP


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Benfica won the derby with Belenenses SAD, in a match counting for 22nd round of Liga NOS, 3-0.

A match that had a badly played first part and with many difficulties for the “eagles”, which attacked more, but never had solutions to counter the opposing defensive organization. However, the second part changed everything.

The “incarnates” returned transfigured, more intense, faster and more aggressive and scored three times in a short time, twice a Haris Seferovic, one by Lucas Veríssimo, who debuted to score for his new club.

The game explained in numbers

  • Boring and closed game in the first quarter of an hour. Benfica started to rule the game, with 67% possession of the ball, but bumping into a Belenenses SAD that did not give spaces. Thus, the two teams did not present more than one shot each, noncompliant, two offensive actions with ball in each area and the “Eagles” trying to pressure in advanced areas – six defensive actions in the opposing midfield against one.
  • At 24 minutes, the first big move of the match. Álex Grimaldo progressed from the left at the same time that, foot by foot, Pizzi approached the area. The Spaniard, with a quality pass, isolated the midfielder who failed to beat Stanislav Kritciuk. Right after that, crossing the right of Rafa Silva and Haris Seferovic headed over, with a lot of danger.
  • The game cheered up, Benfica started to create danger, but the “blues” caused the Benfica defense to shiver, exploring its back with long passes. The “incarnates” dominated the main statistics at half an hour, with 64% of possession, four shots, two framed, already two blatant wasted occasions, seven defensive actions in the opposite area and 84% pass efficiency. Those in the house had two shots, one with good direction.
  • Silvestre Varela put Helton Leite to the test on 36 minutes, with a strong and placed shot. but the Brazilian was attentive on goal. At this time there was a beneficial domain, but far from being a control of the events.
  • Ugly first part in Jamor, without large collective or individual features, although Benfica dominated and created the best danger situations.
  • However, he wasted the few he managed to build and even allowed Belenenses SAD to test Helton Leite, despite the “blues” having closed “under lock and key”.
  • The guard of the men of the house, the Russian Kritciuk, was the best in the field at this stage, with a GoalPoint Rating of 6.2 which reflected two defenses, one of them fundamental, denying Pizzi the goal.
  • The return brought a Benfica faster and more intense. So, in the 55th minute, the goal really came. Grimaldo, on the left side, tore off a cross at half height, tense, Seferovic reacted faster than everyone and, at first, shot to 1-0. At the sixth shot, third in the frame, the Benfica players made the marker work. And the second didn’t take long.
  • At 58 minutes, great pass by Diogo Gonçalves, tearing the “blue” defense, Seferovic ran away from everyone and, isolated, did not hesitate and scored twice. From one moment to the next, the difficulties of the “eagles” disappeared and Petit’s team was forced to chase the loss, but it was Rafa – what a great individual job -, Waldschmidt – kick in the “atmosphere” – and Everton failing the third in the best move of the match, in the 61st minute.
  • The third one did arrive. At 65 minutes, another cross by Grimaldo, the ball went through everyone in the area and Lucas Veríssimo, with his chest, pushed for the goal who practically sentenced the game – and made his debut by scoring for the “incarnate”. At this stage, Benfica had 65% possession of the ball, 92% pass efficiency in the second half, but it changed the ball with much more speed, and this ended up benefiting the collective effectiveness itself. In 20 minutes, five shots, four framed, three goals.
  • By the 75th minute Benfica had already slowed down again, controlling the operations and waiting for the opponent’s error, most likely given the need for the “blues” to attack. Only Belenenses SAD reached this stage without any shot in the second half and with only 38% possession. In total, he had more than seven ball actions in the Benfica area and showed no solutions to change this scenario.
  • And it was like that until the end. Benfica knew how to close the paths to their goal, managed to keep the opposite midfield and held a wide advantage, being even closer to increasing numbers in fast transitions, but didn’t define it so well. But the result was done.

The best in the field GoalPoint

Great game of the Brazilian central Lucas Veríssimo, which little more than a month after arriving in Portugal scored his first eagle goal to the chest. Veríssimo was the best in the field at Jamor, with a GoalPoint Rating of 7.5, narrowly winning the “race” for Seferovic’s distinction.

In addition to the goal, the central completed 88% of the passes you made, among them 14 progressive, maximum of the game, won the three defensive aerial duels in which he participated and added eight defensive actions, with emphasis on two shot blocks.

Manuel de Almeida / Lusa

Focus players

  • Haris Seferovic 7.4 – He was almost the best on the pitch, but he was the man of the game, as he was the most decisive. The Swiss scored twice in the match, within a few minutes of the break, and reached 11 goals in the League. He was the best shot, with five shots, two framed, added seven actions with the ball in the opposite area (maximum), completed two of three dribbling attempts and would have another note if he had not wasted a flagrant occasion.
  • Rafa Silva 7.0 – He doesn’t always decide well, but he is physically in a good moment and this can be seen in the speed he applies to the game, the way he stretches it, difficult to keep up with opponents, but also in his dribbling quality. The Portuguese international completed eight out of ten dribbling attempts, added five ball actions in the opponent’s area and created a striking occasion.
  • Alex Grimaldo 6.9 – The Spaniard is resuming his preponderance in the team, especially in the offensive moments. In this match he made two assists, created three striking occasions in the three passes for finishing he made – he is the one who creates most of these moves in the League -, signed a rupture pass, two effective crosses in three, recorded 97 ball actions and eight possession recoveries .
  • Julian Weigl 6.5 – The German is increasingly an important player in the Benfica maneuver, in particular to be built. He even started the game badly in terms of vertical passes, but ended up with the largest number of deliveries made (104) and completed (92), and ball actions (121), won three out of five defensive aerial duels and recovered eight times ball possession.
  • Diogo Gonçalves 6.5 – The young Benfica player seems to have taken the place, in relation to Gilberto. Diogo returned to make a beautiful offensive game, with an assist, five valuable offensive passes and a rupture pass.
  • Stanislav Kritciuk 6.0 – The best element of Belenenses SAD turned out to be his goalkeeper, especially for what he did in the first half, in which he was the best in the field. Altogether he added three defenses, two to shoot in his wide area and two less than eight meters away.


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