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STOP. Gil Vicente visited Benfica this Saturday afternoon and left the stage of Luz with three points in his luggage and “singing a cock”, winning 2-1, in a duel related to the 27th round of the Liga NOS – in which the three goals were scored by Barcelos players.

Léautey and Lourency and Vítor Carvalho (in the goal itself) were the service markers. Ricardo Soares designed a team that knew how to occupy the central zone, neutralized the actions of Weigl and Taarabt and knew how to explore and injure the corridors, exposing the defensive weaknesses of Grimaldo and Diogo Gonçalves.

The game explained in numbers

  • In a winning team, Jorge Jesus did not move and kept the bet on the same 11 players that would start the duel of the last day in the Capital of the Mobile. In the Roosters, Ricardo Soares called the “eleven” Rodrigão, Vítor Carvalho, Lucas Mineiro and Léautey to the detriment of Claude Gonçalves, Kanya Fujimoto, João Afonso and Ygor Nogueira, respectively, this taking as a point of comparison the defiance against Moreirense.
  • Entry into a personalized and organized scene by outsiders. Barcelos’ team acted with a high defense, managed to steal many balls and condition the “red” actions, and whenever they managed to get close to the opposite area – a corner and an unsuccessful shot.
  • Despite having more ball (57% of possession against 43% of the opponent), Benfica felt many difficulties in being able to make four passes in a row in progression, proving to be slow, predictable, little reactive in the recovery after loss of the ball and at a disadvantage in the central midfield area, where Weigl e Taarabt they could not overcome the trio formed by Lucas Mineiro, Pedrinho and Vítor Carvalho. Of the seven shots – all non-compliant – made up to 30 minutes, four belonged to Gil and three to the hosts.
  • Lourency, with 5.7, was the element with the highest grade in this period. The winger accumulated a pass for finishing, 100% efficiency in the 15 passes made, hit two of the three dribbles attempted and also recorded three recoveries of possession.
  • At minute 35, the gilistas opened the count. After opening Pedrinho, Léautey, with a diagonal from the right to the center, fired a strong shot, hitting Helton Leite who hadn’t suffered in seven days. The Frenchman made his debut in this edition of the championship.
  • Only during the discount period did a kind of “red-and-white” response occur, but Luca Waldschmidt headed out after a cross from Diogo Gonçalves.

Mário Cruz / Lusa

  • It was unsurprising that Gil Vicente went to the showers with an advantage. The Gilista team did not need to be brilliant to command the scoreboard, they were competent to defend in the few times they had work and were intelligent in the offensive incursions, ending up building more corners, more shots and marked the culmination of a great initiative marked by Léautey. The Frenchman was the MVP in these first 46 minutes with a GoalPoint Rating from 6.9. In addition to the accurate shot, in the only attempt he made, accounted for 22 actions with the ball, three recoveries of possession, a foul suffered and no failed pass in 15 feats.
  • Returning to the line of four in defense, JJ removed the yellowish Lucas Veríssimo and called Everton “Cebolinha” to take the left side of the attack. But who was close to scoring was Gil Vicente when, at 49 minutes, Lourency was inches from expanding the northerners’ lead after an excellent cross from Joel.
  • In response, Seferovic, at 53 minutes, was close to a draw, on what was the most dangerous occasion created by the “eagles”. Notwithstanding the tactical changes – 1x3x4x3 versus 1x4x4x2 -, the benfiquistas difficulties in reaching the zone of the last 30 meters continued, as well as the inferiority in the midfield and Gil’s ease in creating danger – example the missed opportunity by Pedro Marques (57 ′).
  • Three minutes later, in an insistent play by Diogo Gonçalves, Haris Seferovic was close to 1-1 again. And even on the third attempt, the Swiss failed to score (70 ′).
  • Ten minutes from the 90s, Lourency took off in the left aisle and stopped only when he placed the ball in the bottom of the goal net in Helton Leite’s guard and initialed the 0-2. Excellent offensive design by Ricardo Soares ‘men and highlight for the passive way in which Jorge Jesus’ team approached the move. It was the fourth straight shot of the Brazilian in the 27 days of the League in which it was used.
  • At 87 minutes, Benfica managed to reduce the handicap, taking advantage of a goal in the own goal scored by Vítor Carvalho, who saw the ball touch him after a raid initiated by Rafa from the right wing to the center. In the desperation phase, Pedrinho and Otamendi were close to 2-2, but both shots did not lead the target.
  • Benfica, who came from seven consecutive wins and who in the last ten rounds of the competition had only conceded one goal, returned to consent – something that had not happened for seven games – and to lose, in what was the culmination of an uninspired exhibition and that complicates the accounts in the team with regard to the fight for the second place that gives direct access to the group stage of the Champions League. The leader Sporting is 12 points, FC Porto could be six and SC Braga gain a new breath.
  • In turn, Gil Vicente performed at a great level and returned to take the three points of the stage of Luz, something that has not happened since the 2005/06 season. It was also the third time that the men of Ricardo Soares celebrated a triumph out of doors in this edition of the championship – after Rio Ave and Vitória de Guimarães, the victim was Benfica.

The best in the field GoalPoint

Lung inexhaustible in a constant coming and going between defense and attack. Joel Pereira was at a high level during the 97 minutes of play at Luz. The MVP accumulated a striking occasion created, four valuable passes, eight long passes right in 11, plus 11 progressive ones that took the desired direction, four flank variations, 70 ball actions, eight recoveries possession, two defensive actions in the opposing midfield, six tackles, four interceptions and three blocked passes / crosses. The best in the field registered a GoalPoint Rating from 7.0.

Focus Players

  • Otamendi 6.7 – In the “sigh” of the “eagle”, he was close to drawing the duel. The Argentine was the unit of the house with the best score. Highlighting the ten recoveries of possession he made (maximum in the match), five defensive actions in the opposing midfield (another maximum), five tackles, three interceptions and two reliefs.
  • Pedrinho 6.4 – Very influential in Gil’s maneuver in the midfield, especially in construction, Pedrinho assisted in two passes to finish and gave the “body to the bullets”, with two shots.
  • Taarabt 6.4 – It was strange that he left the scene after 59 minutes. Until then, I was one of the few elements of Benfica trying to get around the web set up by the gilistas. From his data, we highlighted three valuable passes, two crosses, 65 spherical actions, five dribbles with success in five feats and so many recoveries.
  • Rafa 6.4 – The bid that ended in 1-2 ended up “saving” a dispirited and unassertive exhibition of the Portuguese international. Even on a less happy day – 19 ball losses, three tackles suffered and four bad ball controls – he managed to create four passes for finishing (one of them for a flagrant occasion), nine valuable passes, seven actions with the ball in the opposite area (maximum in the duel) and hit five of the eight dribbles made.
  • Lourency 6.3 – A danger on the loose. He defended when he had to do so and attacked whenever he could. The way he finished the 0-2 play ends up rewarding an excellent “performance” of the winger who failed only two of the 23 passes made (91% effective), “closed” 50% of the six dribbles made and recovered the ball in nine occasions.
  • Seferovic 5.3 – After leaving the stats against Paços de Ferreira, the Swiss was on a “no afternoon” and the numbers say he shot on seven occasions – none framed and with Expected Goals (xG) of 1.1 – he made two passes valuable, nine actions with the ball in the area of ​​Gil Vicente, won half of the six offensive aerial duels in which he intervened, but in addition to the bad finish (two wasted strikes), he still had four bad controls of the ball.


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