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Rodrigo Antunes / Lusa

In the preview of this Sunday’s match, the Tondela coach said: “When the blanket is short, sometimes you slap your feet and leave your head out and the opposite, but we will try to make the blanket widen as much as possible”, said Pako Ayestarán.

Up to 71 minutes, the Beira blanket kept the score at zero, but Rafa tied the match and, two minutes from the 90, Gilberto turned around the score, which had been inaugurated by Salvador Agra in the initial stage.

Maximum effectiveness of the tondelians, who opened the count in the first and only time they aimed at the target in the initial stage.

The clock marked the 22nd minute when João Pedro opened the path that Salvador Agra blazed towards the goal, taking advantage of the immense space left by Grimaldo and Vertonghen on the left side of the defensive.

With the block well coordinated and leaving little room for maneuver to the “red”, the outsiders were holding the advantage and only had to sweat two minutes before the break, when Niasse flew and stopped a “shot” by João Mário.

The “Eagles” with seven news in the “eleven” regarding the duel against PSV – André Almeida, Vetonghen, Pizzi, Meitë, Everton, Darwin and Gonçalo Ramos occupied the places of Gilberto, Otamendi, Morato, Weigl, Taarabt, Rafa and Yaremchuk – returned to 1x4x4x2 , were slow, predictable, demonstrated immense difficulties in articulating the attacking attacks and successively bumping into the yellow “wall”.

João Mário 6.5 finished the first half with the aforementioned shot, four valuable passes, only two missed passes in 39 feats (95% effectiveness), two actions with the ball in the opponent’s area, defensive actions in the opponent’s midfield and three interceptions.

With the team at a disadvantage, Jorge Jesus went to the bank to discover the key to the “incarnate” fortune.

The coach had to move and hit the choices of Gilberto, Weigl and Rafa, chosen to replace André Almeida, Meitë and Pizzi. The “eagle” gained a new lease of life, was faster, more organized, patient and at the same time unpredictable.

After several attempts, he managed to get around the context: Rafa tied and Gilberto signed the 2-1 final. In these four days, Lisboners have always scored twice.

The “red” took the lead alone in the competition and ended this month of August with six victories and a draw that turned out to be gold. Tondela, after an auspicious debut, suffered their third defeat in the competition.

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Best in the Field

João Mário fell like a glove in Luz and is already a key player in the “eagles”. After a first part in which he was one of the few to row against the tide of missteps and disinspiration, he appeared in the final stage more sloppy on the right runner and that’s when was umbilically linked to the two goals that changed the history of the match.

First, he pointed the corner that resulted in the tie and closed it combined with Gilberto to make it 2-1. In short, the strategist was the author of three shots (two squared), five passes to finish (maximum in the game), seven valuable passes, hit five long passes, five approximates and had 114 actions with the spherical, a record that no one else achieved.

He still had the strength to carry out three defensive actions in the opponent’s midfield, three interceptions, he was stopped on many other occasions and takes home a GoalPoint Rating from 8.4.


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