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Benfica fans want Vieira’s head, he prefers Jesus to leave


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(dr) SL Benfica

Benfica is experiencing turbulent times due to the poor results of the football team. The crisis gave rise to the “Rua Vi € ira” movement that is dissatisfied with Luís Filipe Vieira, but the president is also unhappy with the performance of Jorge Jesus who is disappointed with the leadership.

At home where there is no bread, everyone scolds and nobody is right. The popular saying applies perfectly to the current reality of Benfica, which, after the draw in Faro, was 15 points away from Sporting who leads the championship.

The poor results of the team are creating discomfort within the club, between the president and the coach, but also with other members of the board.

The fans are also very unhappy and the “Rua Vi € ira” Movement has already started, which marked a protest for this Wednesday, with a honk at the roundabout Cosme Damião, next to Estádio da Luz, at 7:04 pm. The hour is a reference to the founding year of Benfica, 1904.

In some areas of Lisbon, signs with the inscription have appeared “Vi € ira Street”.

“Cold war climate between Vieira and Jesus”

However, within the club there is “a cold war climate between Luís Filipe Vieira and Jorge Jesus ”, according to the Record.

The sportsman stresses that Vieira is unhappy with the coach’s results that he himself chose and that he committed himself directly to hiring, traveling personally to Brazil to return him to Luz.

Vieira no longer “disguises the disenchantment with the bet on training values have been abandoned ”, points out the Record.

However, the president of Luz does not intend to dismiss Jorge Jesus, because it would be very expensive to do so, has a contract until the end of June 2022.

But Vieira is receptive to letting Jesus out if he resigns, according to the same newspaper.

About that, Jesus is also “disappointed, as it considers that the promise to form a super team was not fulfilled ”, despite an investment of more than EUR 100 million in hiring.

The coach understands that “they were left to hire some players and key positions to fill”, stresses the Record.

Squad “worn out and demoralized”

Benfica’s squad itself will be “worn out and demoralized”, according to A Bola, who points out that some players “feel unprotected and overexposed regarding responsibility for the crisis ”.

The group will be shaken by the “criticism, insults and threats arriving from abroad ”.

On the other hand, there is also a “widespread discontent in Benfica’s governing bodies ”, stresses the Record, considering that“ some leaders had already expressed reservations about the return of Jesus, but dissatisfaction has risen in tone ”.

“In a normal situation, Jesus would no longer be”

For the club’s former vice president, Gaspar Ramos, it is evident that “in a normal situation, Jorge Jesus would no longer be training Benfica at this moment”.

The coach remains at the club because he is “very attached to the president, who made a bet ”on him, the former leader maintains in statements to Rádio Renascença.

It’s the president’s coachTherefore, today, Jorge Jesus’ departure weakens the president’s position even more ”, says Gaspar Ramos, noting that“ it is not easy for Luís Filipe Vieira to make that decision ”. “That’s why, from my point of view, he hasn’t left yet, just as the [Bruno] Lage and Rui Vitória ”, he says.

Gaspar Ramos is against early elections, but admits that this scenario “can happen”.

Bagão Vieira challenges Vieira to “face”

Former Minister Bagão Félix, a confessed benfiquista, is also not an apologist for early elections, but maintains, in statements to Diário de Notícias (DN), that “the people who are there must know that there are times to enter and times to leave“.

“Elections again are not the way, but Vieira has to change the project and present solutions to the partners ”, he guarantees.

Bagão Félix also advises Vieira to “face” and explain “The situation for Benfica fans, without demagogy and without the usual conversation that Benfica’s greatness does not allow us to throw the towel on the floor”.

“Give the championship as lost, nobody will blame you for it, and show the way to the future”, he maintains, shooting that “the strategy cannot always be changing“.

“One hour is invested in training, another is in the South Americans, another is in the Germans, another in the Serbs”, he adds, stressing that the fact that Vieira has recovered the club “from its darkest period”, “does not exempt you from blame in the current situation, nor does it give you carte blanche for the future ”.

Bagão Félix also notes that “it was a risk to do an investment of 100 million euros in the market last summer ”. “It was already known that football was going to tighten the belt and Benfica extended it”, he says, warning that the club has no guaranteed place in the Champions League at this time of the season.

Without the Champions window, players do not value. And if a player does not value, he does not earn as an asset and there goes one more possible source of revenue, that of the sale of players “, he points out, stressing that, with empty stadiums,” the only money to come is the funds of rights television ”, which“ is little ”. “The millions of Champions feed the clubs”, he concludes.

Directors without “capacity”

Gaspar Ramos also criticizes that Benfica lacks “a structure adequate to the needs of a big club”, considering that some “sporting directors and technical directors” do not “probably have the capacity for that”.

The former vice-president of Benfica reveals to Renascença that he told Vieira that “if he didn’t win in football, people would go forgetting the great work he did“, Which would be“ a shame ”, he says.

“We have to recognize that Luís Filipe Vieira did and will leave a great project at Benfica, but can go out through the small door if you don’t take care of football in a very serious way ”, points out Gaspar Ramos.

For the former “vice”, “Eliminate or Arsenal” it can “bring some balance to the situation, as long as you start preparing for the future”. And winning the Portuguese Cup can also “lighten the mood a little” to start “projecting the future”.

Vieira is expected to address the club’s situation next Sunday, in an interview with Benfica TV, as part of the club’s 117th anniversary.

Susana Valente Susana Valente, ZAP //


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