Benfica opens an investigation to investigate any conflicts of interest in Vieira


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Luís Filipe Vieira, former president of SL Benfica.

SL Benfica will open an internal investigation to investigate possible conflicts of interest during the presidency of Luís Filipe Vieira.

The club says that it cannot affirm or exclude the “possible existence in the past of conflict situations” between the private interests of Luís Filipe Vieira and your duties at the club.

Benfica SAD states that it “is cooperating with the competent authorities” and that it “plans to start a internal investigation process to, taking into account the legal and statutory duties in force, ascertain all applicable responsibilities”.

According to Correio da Manhã, Benfica also explains that due to “the secrecy of justice applied to the process (…) it cannot, based on them, formulate judgments in this regard”.

The opening of an internal investigation process into the conduct of Luís Filipe Vieira was communicated by the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of SAD do Benfica to the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM).

The statement also reads that the business of a possible sale of 25% of the shares to US businessman John Textor “were never mentioned at any meeting of the Board of Directors and Benfica SAD did not assume any contractual position in relation to these businesses”.

The CMVM is investigating infringements in the disclosure of information to the market and abuse of information related to Benfica SAD, in the context of the arrest of Luís Filipe Vieira, announced the supervisor on 19 July.

The “police” of the Portuguese stock exchange ensured that will continue to “follow the evolution any aspect that may result in the need to provide additional information to the market”, with the aim of ensuring the integrity of the functioning of the capital market, in defense of investors.

Freedom of Scallop postponed

Luís Filipe Vieira was one of the four arrested in an investigation involving deals and financing in excess of 100 million euros, with losses for the State, the club’s SAD and Novo Banco.

The now former president of Benfica is under house arrest until the provision of a security deposit of three million euros and prohibited from leaving the country, in addition to being indicted for breach of trust, qualified fraud, document falsification, money laundering, tax fraud and abuse of information.

The Public Ministry will now ask for a reinforcement of guarantees to Luís Filipe Vieira for the guarantee of three million euros, with his freedom being postponed, advances CMTV.

The value of Benfica’s shares, with which Vieira wants to post collateral, is questioned by the Public Ministry due to its volatility.

According to the Public Ministry, the businessman caused damages to Novo Banco of at least 45.6 million euros, offset by the Resolution Fund.

In the same process, known as Cartão Vermelho, his son Tiago Vieira, football agent and lawyer Bruno Macedo and businessman José António dos Santos were arrested for fraud, document falsification, money laundering. and tax fraud.

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