Borja, Falcão Garcia and organized supporters demonstrate amid protests in Colombia – Prime Time Zone


René Higuita, former goalkeeper of the Colombian national team, also took a stand against tax reform; James Rodríguez was criticized for not speaking out

reproductionBorja posing with Junior Barranquilla’s shirt

Popular demonstrations in Colombia the past six days, which have already resulted in the death of 18 civilians and a police officer, are not going unnoticed in the world of the ball. Important figures in Colombian football, such as strikers Radamel Falcão Garcia, currently in the Galatasaray (Turquia), e Miguel Angel Borja, borrowed by Palm Trees to the Junior Barranquilla, in addition to René Higuita, mythical ex-goalkeeper of the selection, positioned themselves on social networks against tax reform proposed by the president Ivan Duque and also to the ostensible repression of the military. Aside from the players, organized cheerleaders from leading clubs are taking to the streets to show their indignation.

Falcão Garcia, player with important passages for Porto, Atlético de Madrid e Roma, asked on Twitter that human rights be respected during the demonstrations – videos of abuse of force by the Colombian police are circulated on social networks. “In view of the situation in Colombia, I reject any act that violates human rights. I call for NO TO VIOLENCE, and I ask that the right to peaceful demonstration be valued and respected ”, wrote the center forward. Miguel Borja, who is still linked to Alviverde paulista, said he was against the reform, but also not to be in favor of Gustavo Petro, leftist politician and rival of Iván Duque in the 2018 elections. “I am against the reform, but I am not in favor of Petro ”, says a message published by the athlete.

James Rodríguez, shirt 10 of the Colombian national team and the most talented player in the country in recent years, however, has not yet talked about the topic on his social networks. The Everton (England) midfielder, in fact, is being charged by fans to position himself. The request comes while the uniformed supporters of Atlético Nacional, Indepiendente de Medellín, Millionarios, Junior Barranquilla, Once Caldas and other big clubs are taking to the streets and summoning their members to complain about the project presented, but already dismissed by the Colombian president. On Sunday, 2, Ivan Duque withdrew the proposal that was already being debated in Congress after the bad repercussions of the opposition and the population, who see the project as a way to punish the lower and middle classes with the increase in the value-added tax on goods and services. The revolt caused the Minister of Finance, Alberto Carrasquill, resigned.