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Crazy game in the quarry. In the longest game of the 18th matchday, which opened the round, Braga and Porto faced off and drew 2-2, in a match that seemed to be clearly leaning to one side, but that ended in an emotional way and with a point for each intervening

The “dragons” came in better, were superior during the first hour, reached a comfortable 2-0 advantagebut the expulsion of Jesús Corona and the correct moves by Carlos Carvalhal, with the Lucas Piazón e Nico Gaitan, turned events completely. In the last minutes, the “warriors” scored two goals avoided defeat. This was the second consecutive draw for national champions that, in the event of Sporting’s victory – Tuesday with Gil Vicente -, they could be eight points from the lead.

The game explained in numbers

  • In the men of the house, Carlos Carvalhal returned to the scheme of three plants, with Tormena coming in and out Borja, e Raul Silva a render Rolando, in relation to the triumph over Portimonense. João Morais e Fransérgio were also bets, as well as Abel ruiz, with Castro, Piazón e Spores to stay on the bench, while on the Porto side, Manafá occupied the right side of the defense, Malang Sarr the left, with Fábio Vieira, Filipe Anderson e Evanilson passed over by Jesus Crown, Luis Diaz e Moussa Marega.
  • The first danger throw belonged to Porto, at seven minutes, for Mehdi Taremi, who collected the ball in the area and shot it, with the ball deflecting in Raúl Silva and going out into the corner. Braga replied at ten, with Ricardo Esgaio crossing and Abel Ruiz shooting with a header, next to. The following was Luis Díaz shoots, again with the ball deflected by a defender and going out into the corner, with great danger.
  • In the first quarter-hour, Porto was the team with the most ball (58%), but the two formations registered two shots each, none of them framed, and were similar in actions with the ball in the opposite area (two for each side). A lot of struggle and hurry to get things done were not friends of perfection in the pass, with both sets showing effectiveness below 80%.
  • Interestingly, until half an hour Braga was the only team to add shots (2) to its statistical set-up, e Porto the only one to join actions in the opposite area (also two). Porto maintained a certain superiority in possession (54%) and also in aerial duels in the Braga area, winning 75% of the eight offensive moves through the air.
  • Until the 33rd minute, the referee signaled lack of Tormena on Marega in the big area and penalty, after consulting the VAR. Sérgio Oliveira (35 ′), when converting the shot, did not waste the opportunity and made it 1-0, to the fourth Porto shot in the game, first with the direction of the goal. His eighth goal in the league.
  • Interval Balanced game in Pedreira, but with Porto showing more ideas to enter the Braga area and create danger. Looking at the statistics of the first half, the “dragons” added just one more shot, but registered 14 ball actions in the opposite area, against only two on the other side. An important fact about the imbalance of the marker, with the goal being scored by Sérgio Conceição, penalty shot. The best in the field at this stage was Mehdi Taremi, with a GoalPoint Rating from 6.4, with two shots, a pass for finishing, six ball actions in the Minho area and four offensive aerial duels won … in four.
  • Braga needed to react and take over the game, and managed to have more ball at the start of the second half. But Porto was managing to explore how it wanted the spaces in the wings of Braga, with Esgaio and Galeno rising and their colleagues unable to compensate on your back. Thus, the “blues-and-whites” created many bids of imbalance and expanded after 54 minutes.
  • Excellent work by Corona on the left, fleeing to Tormena and, over the final line, crossing on the way to Taremi, in the heart of the area. The latter, unmarked, “shot” Matheus and caught Sérgio Oliveira in the lead of the best scorers in Porto, with eight goals – this to the eighth shot of the team, according to the second.
  • Upon the 60th minute, the “arsenalistas” had 71% possession of the ball in the second half, but only one shot, against three of the host, which again demonstrated a remarkable offensive effectiveness. However, at this point, Corona saw the second yellow and was sent off, leaving the “dragons” reduced to ten elements for the last half hour.
  • Carlos Carvalhal made several changes to attack the last minutes, with Nico Gaitan e Lucas Piazón to enter the wings. Even so, “dragons” continued to find it much easier to enter the opposite area (24 actions) and to prevent the Minho from doing it (only six around 70 minutes).
  • Braga even managed to increase the pressure on Porto, but the “blue-and-white” defense was showing its usual competence, with Pepe, in the 84th minute, to avoid a certain goal from Piazón, cutting off a header almost over the line. But in the 87th minute, the Minho goal really happened.
  • With Porto all in its area, the ball reached Piazón on the right, he crossed to the heart of the area and Fransérgio, with a strong shot, made it 2-1 – Marchesín almost managed to avoid the goal, but the shot was powerful. At the 12th shot, fourth framed, the “warriors” re-entered the discussion of the match and increased the suffocating pressure.
  • So, already after minute 95, one of the final whistle, another shot on the right, Piazón crossed the ball first, low, and Gaitán, at the second post, just had to pull over for 2-2. A goal created by the two creatives launched by Carvalhal in the second half.

The best in the field GoalPoint

The final “bucket of cold water” for Porto did not take away Mehdi Taremi the MVP distinction of the match. The Iranian striker ended with an excellent GoalPoint Rating from 8.1, thanks not only to the goal he scored, his eighth in the 20/21 league, but to everything he gave the team. With three shots he was, alongside Fransérgio, the best shot, made two passes for finishing, three valuable offensive passes, won six of four offensive aerial duels and added nine ball actions in the opposite area, five more than the second, Marega.

Focus players

  • Nico Gaitan 6.9 – Only 25 minutes on the pitch, but a decisive contribution to the outcome of the meeting. The Argentine entered, played with the game, gave a touch of quality and scored the goal of the tie, even when falling from the cloth. In this short period, he made three passes for finishing, two valuable offensive passes, he succeeded in one of two crosses and was in time to add three ball actions in the Porto area.
  • Lucas Piazón 6.7 – As Gaitán also played the final 25 minutes, with similar impact. Leaning to the right, he made two assists for the Braga goals, three passes for finishing and four valuable offensive passes.
  • Fransérgio 6.4 – It seemed something lost in the initial strategy of Braga, but with the transformation of the team from the hour of play, the Brazilian also changed. He scored a goal, made three shots and two tackles. In the pass he was uninspired, with only 64% effectiveness in the 25 he made.
  • Sérgio Oliveira 6.4 – The midfielder scored again from a penalty and, in a game in which, in addition, contributed less to offensive moments, stood out with impressive 11 recoveries of possession, given his impeccable positioning. And he also recorded three defensive actions in the opposite midfield.
  • Matheus Uribe 6.4 – Display similar to that of Sérgio Oliveira, a little more focused on defensive moments, so the Colombian ended with six recoveries, four tackles and many other interceptions.
  • Jesus Crown 5.5– I was even one of the best in Porto, but the expulsion gave a great “cut” to the rating. Even so, he can boast an assist, two passes for finishing, four valuable offensive passes and four of eight dribbling attempts.


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