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Buzinão na Luz without affection. Jesus blames Covid-19 for Benfica crisis


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A few dozen supporters protested at Estádio da Luz with a honk, amidst shouts of “Rua Vieira” due to the poor results of Benfica. Prior to that, Jorge Jesus had called for a “horn of affection” at a press conference where he blamed the covid-19 for the crisis at the club.

THE “Rua Vi € ira Movement” managed to gather a few dozen supporters at the Cosme Damião roundabout, next to Estádio da Luz, in a protest scheduled for 19:04 this Wednesday, to coincide with the founding year of Benfica which was in 1904.

PSP was present at the venue, but without disturbances, with fans chanting like “Rua Vieira” and “Benfica é ours”.

The protest had repercussions in other cities in the country and happened even after the Benfica coach was indignant at the idea of ​​honking.

There should have been a honk, but it was to give us affection, me and my players… and the president ”, pointed out Jorge Jesus at the press conference previewing the Europa League game against Arsenal.

“I haven’t failed and I rarely fail”

In the preview of the game with Arsenal that takes place this Thursday, Jesus tried to emphasize that Benfica had “the whole squad, the medical team, the technical team, the staff” infected with covid-19. A “confusion” that complicated life for the club, he stressed, stressing that the players’ responsibility for bad results “is zero”.

“They didn’t give anymore because they couldn’t”, he stressed, also stressing that he is not to blame at the registry office.

“I do not say that it does not fail, coaches fail, but in relation to this issue of Benfica, I didn’t fail and I rarely fail“, Pointed out the technician.

“This crisis has nothing to do with me” because he “didn’t train the players” due to the covid-19, he also stressed, noting that “in January, Benfica was second to Sporting’s 2 or 3 points”.

“The president, the coach, the players and the structure are unable to control a covid pandemic that has been in here for two and a half months,” he added.

No more blaming me, the president of Benfica and the players the same thing ”, Jesus also shot, also pointing his finger at television commentators.

The coach complained of “seeing people who, on television, benefit, who attack us every day, don’t give us a word of comfort to get through this phase constantly putting the players, the coach, the president in doubt ”.

“I will not leave by foot”

Jesus further assured that he has no intention of resigning. “I’m not going to go out at all, I don’t feel responsible for this Benfica crisis“, He reinforced.

“I came to be a champion and to be able to work normally,” said the coach, considering that he was “caught by a pandemic”.

The technician pointed out, however, that in the last game with Arsenal there have already been good “signs” in terms of the players’ “physical ability”.

“We have players who already run over 10 kilometers per game when we didn’t have it, not even in training, “said Jesus, considering that” the team is physically improving, but psychologically [a perda de pontos] scored ”.

“But there is still a lot to win,” recalled Jesus, admitting that “the championship is difficult”. However, “we don’t throw the towel down,” he concluded.

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