CBF Arbitration Ombudsman admits ‘serious error’ in penalty set for Vila Nova against Ponte Preta – Prime Time Zone


Entity apologized for non-existent marking and ‘misinterpretation of the rule’

Reproduction/ Twitter @aapp_official

Three days after going to the STJD with a request to challenge the match against Vila Nova, the black Bridge received the opinion of the arbitration ombudsman of the CBF who admitted a ‘serious error’ in a penalty shot for the new village in the additions of the match. According to Macaca, the entity sent a document pointing out the error. “The complainant is right. First, because the ball, despite coming very close, did not make contact with the defender’s arm. This fact alone excludes the infraction. In this step, it must be said that the WHERE needs a clear image – clear evidence – to suggest revision, which is only justified if there is clear, obvious proof of error, which, for the case, will require certainty of ball contact with the defender’s hand/arm (point of contact)” , wrote the entity.

For the ombudsman, “the referee was wrong to review his field decision, even though he did not see the situation clearly and the VAR was wrong to suggest the review. The mistake of both was the interpretation of the rule and the use of technology”. Ombudsman Manoel Serapião Filho, who signed the document sent to Ponte Preta, asks the club to have access to the audios of the conversation between the video referees and the referee, in addition to apologizing for what happened. The Bridge fights at the bottom of the table. It is 15th with 34 points, the same score as Vila Nova, but falling behind on goal difference.