Conmebol’s Copa América protocol diverges from the Ministry of Health on player vaccination – Prime Time Zone


This Tuesday, the South American entity published all the protection rules for delegations and arbitration against Covid-19

Disclosure/ConmebolCopa America in Brazil starts on June 11

All the controversy surrounding the realization of America Cup in Brazil it seems that it is far from the end. On Tuesday, 8, the Supreme Court (STF) decided to schedule a session to decide on the suspension of the tournament and the Conmebol published its sanitary protocol for competition with divergences from the Ministry of Health. In the document of the South American entity, it is “highly recommended” that the members of all delegations and arbitration be vaccinated against the Covid-19, including the presentation of the receipt at the airport. However, in an interview granted on Monday, 7, the minister of health, Marcelo Queiroga, stated that the delegations will not need to be vaccinated. According to the operational coordinator of Copa America, André Pedrinelli, six of the ten teams are already immunized and two will complete the immunization this week. THE Brazilian Team is one of those who has not had doses of the vaccine.

With only five days to go before the Copa América starts, the protocol of Conmebol indicates that the nine visiting teams, plus Brazil, should be isolated in the hotel of their respective concentrations, leaving only for training and games. Departures without authorization will not be allowed, nor the reception of guests. The entity threatens to fine US$ 15,000 (approximately R$ 75,000 at the current price) for those who break the rules. And everyone involved in the delegations will go through Covid-19 tests every 48 hours, as confirmed by the Ministry of Health. RT-PCR and no tests will be performed by the THEIR. All athletes will be entitled to life insurance and, if necessary, they will be assisted by private hospitals.

Another recommendation is that the accommodation be individual. If this is not possible, the distance indicated between players or members of certain teams in their quarters is two meters. The use of the mask is mandatory in all places with more than one person. Staying on just one floor is also a requirement. The temperature measurement will be continuous, at the entrance of the bus or before starting the training. Nobody can work if they have 37.4° or more. Training centers should have as few people as possible. Everyone must disinfect before and after work. Baths will only be at the hotel and wet masks must be discarded and changed. The teams will make use of charter flights and individual buses, which will be sanitized before and after use.

On the field, some common habits will not be allowed, such as the traditional exchange of streamers before the ball is rolled and shirts between opponents, even after the final whistle. Also, no kissing the ball. Spits are vetoed, as no one can blow their nose during the game. Each must use their individual bottle. In press conferences, the mask is a mandatory item. Respondents can forgo the item if they are within two meters. Reporters cannot take them off. In all, there will be 650 people from ten delegations, in addition to 450 employees linked to Conmebol spread across Brasilia, Cuiabá, Goiania e Rio de Janeiro, the four venues chosen to host the matches.

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