Corinthians sells all tickets available for the match against Bahia – Prime Time Zone


The clash against the Bahians will mark the fans’ reunion with Alvinegro from São Paulo after 586 days

MARCO GALVãO/FOTOARENA/ESTADÃO CONTENTCorinthians fans will meet the team again in the match against Bahia

the fan of Corinthians is so eager to rejoin the team that he sold out his tickets for the match in front of the Bahia, scheduled for this Tuesday night, 5th, from 9:30 pm, valid for the 24th round of the Brazilian championship. According to the reporter Caique Silva, do Pan Youth Group, Alvinegro São Paulo sold 14,760 tickets for the game to be held in Neo Chemistry Arena. The amount corresponds to 30% of the stadium’s capacity, the maximum allowed by the governor João Doria (PSDB) right now. According to the tucano representative, the clubs in São Paulo will be able to count on 50% of the public on October 15th, while the maximum capacity will be authorized from November 1st.

Corinthians has not received support from its fans for 586 days. Timon’s last game with the gates open took place on February 26, 2020, in a 1-1 draw against the Saint Andre, still for the group stage of the Campeonato Paulista. Since then, the Parque São Jorge team has often had difficulty acting as host. Before the pandemic of new coronavirus, Alvinegro boasted a use of 70.7% of the points in the 199 games played at home. Without their fans, the performance plummeted, adding only 51.8% of the possible score in the 47 matches played at the stadium located in the Itaquera neighborhood, in the east side of São Paulo. Sixth place in Brasileirão, the group trained by Sylvinho tries to enter the G4 in this round. To do this, they’ll need to beat Bahia and have stumbling blocks from strength e RB Bragantino.