Cricket Betting: Went into the stadium without permission .. and then arrested for what they did .. – Cricket Betting


Cricket Betting: Betting at the Zahoor Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chattogram during the Bangladesh-West Indies match.

Cricket Betting: Police have arrested three Indians for betting at the Zahoor Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chhattisgarh during the Bangladesh-West Indies match. According to official sources, the first Test match between Bangladesh and the West Indies will be played at the Zahoor Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium. However, the Test match is being played without spectators in the wake of the corona outbreak. No matter how the three people came .. they came into the stadium. Aveo is making gestures while the match is going on.

The match organizers who noticed them .. complained to the police. Police arrested three persons. While interrogating them, the police identified the accused as three Indians, Sunil Kumar, Chetan Sharma and Sunny Maghu. Not only that .. These three people were found to be committing betting through a digital platform. The police registered a case against the three.

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