Dravid marry me .. The young woman who kept Diwal in a hotel room


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: No one can forget Mr. Dependable Rahul Dravid who has served the Indian cricket team so much. When the team is in trouble, he stands at the crease as a wall to prevent the wicket from falling, showing the dots to the opposing bowlers as they stumble on the verge of losing wickets in a row. That is why in the world of cricket, Dravid is known as ‘The Wall’. The ODI match against Sri Lanka was played on April 3, 1996, with the India-England Test series starting in June of the same year. However, in his first Test match, he dropped to 7th position for India and scored 95 runs and missed the century by just 5 runs. He then went on to finish 3rd in a Test match against South Africa, scoring his first Test century. Rahul Dravid, who started his career as a cricketer, has become a favorite of cricket fans around the world, nicknamed for his discipline and, in a sense, discipline. One such Mr. Dependable suffered a sweet shock while going to play a series abroad. That shock is such, not such a shock. Like being locked up in a room and blackmailed.

Usually if there is any funny incident that Dravid has bothered with so far, it is to say that it was a 2010 Singapore interview. The Indian cricket team will travel from our home country to Singapore on a foreign tour to play the match. However, on this occasion, a woman journalist asked Rahul Dravid to give an interview for the fans in Singapore. Dravid accepted. With this, the journalist arranged an interview in a room for privacy according to the plan. The journalist, who stopped the interview in the middle of the interview, described how much he liked Rahul from school age. And then requested to be married. Stunned by the request, Rahul tried to get out of the interview room. At the same time, the father of the woman journalist, who was outside the room, came into the room.

Rahul’s father asked you to marry our girl. Rahul Dravid refused. Rahul then sat down with the girl and their father and tried to talk.

Rahul Dravid : How old are you?

Young woman: 20 years

Rahul Dravid : Okay you better concentrate on studying. Stop thinking about marriage. Read carefully. With this, both the young woman and her father tried to convince Rahul.

But here is The Wall. Very gently told your girl to read well and tried to get out of there. At the same time, the girl’s father tried to push Rahul into a chair there. In the process, ‘MTV Bakra’ anchor Cyrus Brocha entered. He put a stop to the incident saying it was all part of Frank. Everyone thought that Rahul would eventually agree to marry the female journalist on MTV Prank. But anchor Cyrus Brocha showered praise on Rahul for his mild rejection and carafe address to sincerity.

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