Ex-Palmeiras, Deola mocks CoronaVac after Doria’s test and receives reviews on the web – Prime Time Zone


Marcos’ first replacement at Palmeiras, Deola entered the most talked about topics on Twitter not for a gala performance, but for a comment about the Covid-19 vaccine; understand

Reproduction/Instagram/@deola_22Deola (left) was a Palmeiras goalkeeper for 16 years and replaced Marcos after the idol’s retirement

First substitute for Marcos no palm trees, deola entered the most talked about topics on Twitter not for a gala performance, but for a comment about the vaccine against the Covid-19. On the social network, the former Verdão goalkeeper mocked the effectiveness of CoronaVac after Governor João Doria (PSDB) announces that he has been contaminated by the new coronavirus again, even though he received both doses of the immunizing agent. Immediately, the current player of the Real Brasilia, which is on loan to América-RJ, started to receive criticism on the web. It is worth remembering that the vaccine does not prevent you from contracting the disease, but it prevents, in most cases, death.

“Yes, it works. Look, with the vaccine it’s as if your body had scaled Weverton in the goal against Covid. Without her it’s like your immune system has Deola in goal. Got it?”, snapped an internet user. “Vaccine doesn’t prevent contamination… Vaccine prevents the person from being intubated… My friend got COVID-19 from Pfizer, but he survived… Just like @jdoriajr will take it out because he’s vaccinated!”, commented another. With a vaccine it’s as if we had a good goalkeeper, we’ll still get a goal but nothing to worry about. Without the vaccine, it’s as if you were the goalkeeper, we would take several goals, chickens and we would die”, nudged a third.

Graduated in the base categories of Palmeiras himself, Deola had the mission of replacing Marcos, one of the biggest idols of the Palmeiras fans and hero in winning the Copa Libertadores in 1999, who hung up his gloves in 2012. After his time with the São Paulo team, where not he was missed, he went through several clubs of lesser expression, such as Taboão da Serra-SP, Fluminense de Feira de Santana, América-RJ, Asa de Arapiraca, Villa Nova-MG and, now, Real Brasília.