Exclusive: Vasco coach, Vasco coach, reveals strategy to beat Flamengo – Prime Time Zone


To the program ‘Camisa 10’, from Grupo Prime Time Zone, the Vasco coach also spoke about the pressure that Rogério Ceni is suffering after losing the classic by State

Reproduction / Young PanMarcelo Cabo gave an interview to Grupo Prime Time Zone after Vasco’s victory over Flamengo

O Basque surprised and ran over Flamengo 3-1 on the night of last Thursday, 15, in Maracanã, in a valid match for the ninth round of the Guanabara Cup. In addition to demonstrating defensive solidity, Gigante da Colina was effective in counterattacks, demonstrating superiority in its strategy against one of the most popular teams on the national scene. Today, in an interview with the program “Shirt 10”, do Grupo Prime Time Zone, The Coach Marcelo cabo he told how he motivated the Vasco players and what was the plan to overthrow Rubro-Negro with such authority.

“Facing Flamengo is not easy because they have just left a Super Cup title in Brazil. It is a team that has had its base stabilized since last season. It is a very qualified team. We needed to have a concept and a very effective game strategy. We tried to study Flamengo a lot, and I told the players that we had to be competitive. Without the ball, effective in marking. With the ball, have personality. Flamengo is a team very prepared to play with the ball. We had to understand that we needed to have more of the ball to create a difficulty for the opponent. We changed the game characteristics of Flamengo, which needed to go further behind us. We looked for it and it worked ”, said the Vasco commander.

This Friday morning, the coach Rogerio Ceni, from Flamengo, woke up receiving a lot of criticism from the fans on social networks. According to Marcelo Cabo, the rival coach is prepared to deal with the charges and should continue his successful work at Rubro-Negro. “If you win the classic, it strengthens the work. When it loses, it has its burden. To direct Flamengo, Vasco, São Paulo, Corinthians and other great clubs in Brazil is to have pressure when you don’t win or when you lose a championship. This is normal and we are prepared. It is to continue working. That’s what should happen with Rogério Ceni at Flamengo. He will follow your convictions ”, he commented.