Expert opines on Medina elimination in Tokyo: ‘Inexperienced judges acted out of emotion’ – Young Pan


In an interview with Pânico, Luiz Pinga, Italo Ferreira’s mentor, stated that Brazil is experiencing the best time in surfing: ‘Surfers are the best physically and mentally’

Reproduction/Twitter/@timebrasilGabriel Medina lost the bronze dispute at the 2020 Tokyo Games

This Friday, the 30th, the program Panic received Luiz Pinga, surf scout responsible for revealing italo Ferreira, who won this weekend the gold medal in the Games of Tokyo 2020. In an interview, Luiz stated that the disqualification of Gabriel Medina in the competition it was not unfair, but it happened because of the inexperience of the judging team. “It wasn’t stolen. Surfing is a subjective sport, we have five judges and a head judge, a judge from all over the world, there were not only Japanese judges or only American judges. There was a Brazilian, an Australian, a Portuguese, an American and a Dutchman. Each one will see that there in a way. I don’t believe in conspiracy theory, it doesn’t exist. What I see is that we had a cadre of inexperienced judges. Although we have three very good judges there, it’s even from the Brazil, from Santa Catarina. I believe there was an inexperience and the guys acted with emotion there at the time. in my opinion, Gabriel’s maneuver had a greater degree of difficulty. Those who watched remember the wind that was there, it was a surreal wind.”

Luiz Pinga revealed his criteria for selecting surfers and how he met Ítalo Ferreira, in the mid-2000s, when the athlete was in his early teens and surfed with Styrofoam boards on the coast of large northern river. “I have my way of working. I usually watch the boy for a period, no matter what, it could be a year or two. Italo’s case was quick, I saw it in one day. I already said ‘oops, that boy is different’. I was at an event and, two days after I saw Italo, I already said that I wanted to talk to his family. I look at many aspects like, for example, how he stays in the water, how many waves he catches, how they step on and climb the board, how they surf the wave, what the wave reading is and the family. What is the family’s expectation of the boy? Regardless of the financial structure, we have to remember that they are children. We have to understand, not just in surfing, how to deal with these children, who lose part of their adolescence to dedicate themselves to the sport.”

Luiz said that, although Brazil currently has three of the best surfing athletes, sponsorship for the sport is still scarce. “It’s really cool to see all that is happening today, the dominance of these kids on the world circuit. first time in Olympics, world titles in recent years. We took a path and got here through the surf industry’s own effort. We are experiencing the best moment of surfing as a sport, but we are not experiencing the best moment of surfing as a sponsor. Of course, we have some athletes like Gabriel himself, Italo himself, Felipe Toledo himself and another two, three who have an excellent sponsorship structure because they are among the top thirty in the world today. For the first time in history, it is the only sport in which Brazil has the top three consecutively in the world ranking. The level of preparation of Brazilian surfers today is the best, physically and mentally.”