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Sporting suffered a lot to take the three points in the visit to Farense. The championship leader scored a goal, by Pedro Gonçalves, dominated during the first part, but in the second he let the Algarve create a lot of danger, even scoring, in an offside play.

The two teams created enough situations for the marker to register another volume at the end, but the two goalkeepers, Beto and Antonio Adán, were giants in the goalposts. Sporting reached the 27th straight game without losing in the Portuguese league, a record in the history of the Alvalade emblem.

The game explained in numbers

  • Rúben Amorim, who was on the bench for punishment, made some changes in the starting eleven, compared to the match against Famalicão. Luís Neto gave his place to Gonçalo Inácio, Thoughtful stayed out and entered Matheus Reis and, in the front, Tiago Tomás left and entered Daniel Bragança, with the idea of ​​strengthening the midfield area. The Algarve made only one change in relation to the defeat with Marítimo, entering Licá for the vacancy of Madi queta.
  • Farense started well, pressing and without fear, but the first occasion belonged to Sporting. At nine minutes, João Mário ran off to the right, shot wide, but Beto stretched and deflected the ball to the corner. In the first quarter-hour Sporting had 58% possession of the ball and two shots, one framed, with 82% pass effectiveness. The Algarvians also had two shots (noncompliant), only one action with a ball in the area (3-4), but they were wrong in the pass (63% certain).
  • At 27 minutes, “Pote” crossed from the right, Paulinho headed back, serving João Mário, but the midfielder did not hit again with the shot, despite being in an excellent position. The numbers at half an hour had changed little, with emphasis, however, on the offensive aerial duels, with the Faro emblem registering 70% gains.
  • João Palhinha, with 5.8, registered the best rating in the game, and it should be noted, in the negative, that there is no player with more than 6.0. This was not a match for great individual characteristics, but a lot of struggle, so the quality of football left much to be desired.
  • Sebastián Coates, in the 35th minute, headed in with a goal stamp, following a corner from the left, but Beto made a great save. But shortly afterwards, the “lion” really scored. Free-kick from the right, confused throw in the box, the ball was left over for Pedro Gonçalves, who shot powerfully to the 1-0, with no chance for Beto. With the fifth shot, third framed, Sporting gave color to the marker.
  • Leonine advantage to the rest that ends up becoming the incidences of the departure.
  • Farense started well in the game, pressed and created problems in the front, especially in the air throws, and even added more ball action in the area of ​​the “lion” (12) than the visitor on the other side.
  • However, the home team was not very effective in shooting, while Sporting had more ball, more shots, framed three and created enough expected goals (xG) to justify the goal.
  • The best in the field was Pedro Gonçalves, ordinary GoalPoint Rating from 6.5, with a goal, a pass for finishing, four valuable offensive passes and also two offensive aerial duels won in four.
  • Farense’s first team arrived right at the start of the second half, at 47 minutes, for Eduardo Mancha, heading with a lot of danger for the defense of Antonio Adán. And in the 50th minute, in a counterattack in numerical superiority, Pedro Gonçalves served Paulinho, but this one, instead of shooting for goal, tried to serve João Mário and the game failed.
  • In response, at 53, Pedro Henrique, alone in the penalty area, shot almost over Adán, but the Spaniard made one of the defenses of the season – of those that are worth as much as a goal. The same happened on the other side. In the 57th minute, a great move by Sporting, the ball reached Paulinho who shot at the entrance to the small area. Beto flew to an “impossible” stop.
  • The game improved a lot in the second half, with stop and response moves, goal occasions and two goalkeepers with great performances. In the first quarter-hour after the break Sporting continued to have more ball (56% possession), recorded three shots, one framed, but the Algarves also improved in the front, with two shots, both with good direction. At this stage, the two teams matched each other in the quality of the pass (73% -75% effectiveness).
  • By 70 minutes Sporting had regained control of the events, stopping the attacking moves of Farense, who never managed to tease Adán again. But on the other side, the occasions of danger did not arise either. The “lion” had 55% possession in the second half, five shots, only one shot, Farense was no more than his two shots, and those in the house began to dismantle their defense, in search of a tie.
  • At 81 minutes, the newcomer Miguel Bandarra put the ball in the leonina goal, but the move was canceled out of offside, and at 84, Brian Mansilla shot to goal for another huge save from Adán. Farense ended the game completely on top of Sporting, which closed as they could, but the Algarves again shot and created danger without being able to score. The “lion” did not complain and added three more key points, in a beautiful football game.

Luís Forra / Lusa

The best in the field GoalPoint

The most decisive players in the match may even have been the two goalkeepers, but looking at the objective performance, nobody was more competent than Pedro Gonçalves.

Best on the field with a GoalPoint Rating from 6.9, “Pote” fez o single goal of the meeting, but it didn’t stop there.

In addition to two passes for finishing, he added six valuable offensive passes and four ball actions in the opposite area, both game maximums, and despite his short stature he won four of six offensive aerial duels.

  • César Martins 6.9 – With only one hundredth less that Pedro Gonçalves finished the central of Farense. The Brazilian won three of four offensive aerial duels, recovered possession eight times and added nine reliefs, maximum of the game.
  • Beto 6.8 – Let’s go to the goalkeepers, starting with the house one. The Portuguese international made “only” three saves, all shooting in his wide area, two less than eight meters away. And when he was called upon to intervene it was truly decisive. Just by Paulinho’s shot, the Algarve goalkeeper caught expected goals of 0.44. Impressive.
  • Antonio Adam 6.2 – The dear reader may be surprised by the Spaniard’s rating, but he is right, since some of the bids in which he was spectacular ended up being canceled by the referee for this or that reason and, in such cases, the shares do not enter the statistical accounting. If they entered, we would be facing a much higher note. Still, Adán made three saves (all shots in his area), two truly remarkable, and was one of those responsible for the null on the Algarve side.
  • João Palhinha 6.4 – Another beautiful game of the lion “latch”. Not so well on the pass (69% effectiveness), he still completed seven of nine longs, recorded five flank variations (maximum of the match) and added three tackles and won five of eight defensive aerial duels.
  • Ryan Gauld 6.1 – The intelligence of the Scotsman’s game can be seen in every decision he makes. Gauld created a flagrant occasion, corresponding to 0.7 expected assists (xA), added the maximum (by a wide margin) of passes for completion (6) and also recorded six recoveries of possession.
  • João Mário 6.0 – The midfielder played a game in crescendo and, when he left, he was taking the baton of the “lion”. In the 69 minutes he was on the pitch, he created a striking occasion (0.5 xA) in two passes for finishing, added four actions with the ball in the opposite area and completed two out of four dribbling attempts. Had it not been a blatant wasted and would have been one of the best in the field.


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