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FC Porto 2-2 Boavista | Dragon does not say enough punctual waste – ZAP


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Another hard setback for FC Porto in defense of the title of national champion. On Saturday night, the “dragons” drew two goals in the reception to Boavista, in a Porto derby related to the 19th round of the Liga NOS.

The “panthers”, after an immaculate first half, gained a goal advantage thanks to the effectiveness of Porozo and Elis.

However, in a final one-way stage, the hosts managed to reach a draw and were close to making checkmate in two moments, first Sérgio Oliveira wasted a penalty and, shortly after, Evanilson still made the party, but the move was canceled by hand (VAR).

This was the third consecutive league game in which the port failed to win. With this further waste, Sérgio Conceição’s team could be ten points behind leader Sporting. In turn, the “chess players” added an important point, but they remain in a dangerous zone in the classification.

The game explained in numbers

  • Many changes in the “eleven” designed by Sérgio Conceição, the main ones being young people Diogo Leite, Fábio Vieira (who had already been launched against Braga) and João Mário. In “chessboards”, highlight for the return, after injury, of Angel Gomes and to bet on a scheme with three central.
  • Marchesín was a giant after two minutes and caught an acrobatic shot from Elis that had a goal seal. Three minutes later, Marega missed the target by a few centimeters, something that did not occur in the opposite area.
  • At minute eight, following a corner, Jackson Porozo jumped unopposed and headed the ball opener at the beginning of a frantic and emotion-filled derby.
  • Léo Jardim stretched and avoided a draw following a shot by Sérgio Oliveira. As the 20th minute passed, the numbers said that both teams had two shots each, with only one missing from the target, the “blue-and-white” scoring when it came to ball possession – 79% – but they felt immense difficulties in overcoming the well mechanized 5x3x2 of outsiders.
  • In yet another poisonous counterattack, Elis wasted another scoring opportunity, in a move in which Marchesín was once again the savior of the national champions. Boavista, who already had more shots than his rival, made three attempts, two were blatant and the other ended up in the back of the net.
  • In this period, Reggie Cannon, with a rating of 6.7, was the best in the field. The right-back defended safely and attacked with discretion, in addition to hoarding two flagrant occasions created, two passes for finishing, two crosses, just one pass wasted in seven attempts, 17 actions with the ball and two interceptions. Sérgio Oliveira, with 6.2, was the “dragon” highlighted.
  • The move that ended in the second goal of the boavisteiros deserves to be seen and reviewed. Nuno Santos took several opponents from the front, flanked the flank to the left aisle where Ricardo Mangas was, who, after a combination with Angel Gomes, entered the area, timed and at the right moment discovered Elis, who only had the job of stamping 0-2 already in a period of discounts.
  • Personalized display, which combined order to defend and audacity to attack. So it was Boavista’s first 46 minutes on stage at Dragão.
  • With the lesson well studied, the students of Professor Jesualdo Ferreira canceled the main weapons of FC Porto and went to the discount with a relative safety cushion of two goals, and had it not been two interventions by Marchesín, the scenario could be even darker for holders of the national champion title.
  • Ordinary GoalPoint Rating of 6.7, Reggie Cannon was or MVP thanks to three correct progressive passes, two passes for finishing, two effective crosses, three recoveries of possession and two interceptions. Porozo, the scorer of the first goal, was just behind among the best rated elements.
  • At rest, the three Youth League champions – Diogo Leite, Fábio Vieira and João Mário – stayed in the dressing room and were “exchanged” for Zaidu, Grujic and Otávio, Brazilian who threatened 1-2 on 51 minutes, but the shot was deflected by a chess defender.
  • Three minutes later, Taremi shortened distances, in a shot that still deflected in Porozo. The Iranian has scored three rounds. In just nine minutes, the “dragons” already had more shots (six) than those who did in the first half (three).
  • Boavista was less eager in offensive terms in the complementary stage – no shot made against the seven of the “dragons” -, but the first time it appeared in the vicinity of the Porto area, it almost extended the advantage. At 70 minutes, Angel Gomes centered and made the cut in Pepe’s “hour H”, preventing the “black-and-white” party. At 73, already without Marega on the scene – he was replaced by Evanilson -, in yet another well-designed counterattack, it was Marchesín’s turn to leave the goal and take the ball from Angel’s feet following a show center.
  • A 14 minutes two 90, or young Francisco Conceição, who has been shining at a great level in team B with four goals and three assists in 18 matches, debuted in Liga NOS replacing Manafá. Moments later, Sérgio Oliveira dropped a “bomb” that forced Léo Jardim to make a careful defense. Of the ten “blue-and-white” shots in the entire match, this was only the third that came out on target.
  • At 81 minutes, referee Manuel Mota signaled Devenish’s lack of Evanilson. In the conversion of the penalty, Sérgio Oliveira did not hesitate, tied the duel and reached nine shots in the championship.
  • At 86, Porozo missed Francisco Conceição in the area, however, this time Sérgio Oliveira saw the irons “defend” the shot he made of the penalty mark. In the continuation of the move, Evanilson shot the side netting.

Manuel Fernando Araujo / Lusa

  • The home team still celebrated 3-2, but the move was eventually canceled. With the help of the VAR, Judge Manuel Mota considered that the ball found Evanilson’s hand when he fired a shot into the “checkered” goal.
  • This crazy duel between rivals of Invicta. FC Porto, which 13 consecutive victories against Boavista, could start to have the title revalidation even more difficult, should Sporting beat Paços de Ferreira next Monday. Sérgio Conceição’s team reached the fourth consecutive draw in all competitions.
  • Bessa’s team formation, who had not scored a goal against the rival in the last eight games between the two teams, he still had an advantage, but he didn’t manage to win at Dragão, something he hasn’t achieved since the 2006/07 season.

The best in the field GoalPoint

“Well done”, Reggie Cannon. While he had legs and lungs, the American filled the pitch at Estádio do Dragão with boldness and a lot of talent, both in offensive and defensive attacks.

The right-back is an ace and promises to be a source of many millions for the “checkered” coffers soon.

The MVP of this exciting game was the creator of two blatant occasions, in two passes for finishing – Expected Assists (xA) de 0,8 -, two effective crosses in three feats, five right progressive passes, 46 actions with the ball, two of which in the opposite area, six recoveries of possession, five interceptions and three reliefs. For all this, he was awarded with a GoalPoint Rating of 7.4.

Focus players

  • Sérgio Oliveira 7.3 – Even in the first half, when the team was not in tune, it was one of the few elements trying to reverse the scenario. In the second part, it appeared more often in danger zones. He managed to tie and from the same 11-meter mark he was unable to declare the 3-2. Of his data, it is worth highlighting four shots (three framed), three fouls suffered and three effective dribbles in many others tried.
  • Porozo 7.2 – He opened the score in the only shot he made, won all three defensive aerial duels in which he intervened, blocked three shots (maximum in the game) and made five reliefs.
  • Ricardo Mangas placeholder image 6.7 – The way he offered Elis the 0-2 was the highest point in a consistent display by the left wing, who was safe to defend – three offensive aerial duels won, four tackles and three interceptions.
  • Taremi 6.3 – Three shots, one goal, four valuable passes and seven actions with the ball in the opposite area (maximum in the match). Another excellent performance by the Iranian, who is already an undisputed part of the team.
  • Otávio 6.2 – With the Brazilian in the field, the scent of “dragons” is different, and if there were any doubts, they remained in this derby in just 45 minutes. He gave another criterion to the team’s actions and stood out with six valuable passes and six fouls suffered.
  • Francisco Conceição 6.1 – Only 18 minutes, but they whet your appetite. The virtuous youngster has been shining in team B and this Saturday night added a hint of creativity to the Porto team’s attacks. In that period he shot, scored two valuable passes, had 14 actions with the ball and suffered a penalty.


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