Find out what are the secrets of Red Bull Bragantino, sensation of the Brazilian – Prime Time Zone


More than just invincibility, the team from Bragança Paulista draws attention for demonstrating fearless football in front of giants like Flamengo, Palmeiras and Corinthians

PETER LEONE/THE PHOTOGRAPHIC/ESTADÃO CONTENTRB Bragantino beat Corinthians in the 2021 Brazilian Championship, in a game played at Timão’s home

With five wins and three draws in eight rounds played, O RB Bragantino still does not know the bitter taste of defeat in the current edition of Brazilian. More than the good results, the team from Bragança Paulista is drawing attention for showing fearless football in front of Brazilian football giants like Flamengo, palm trees e Corinthians, all beaten by the country team. With an overwhelming start and successful administration led by Red Bull, Massa Bruta is already being treated as a possible candidate for the national title this season. But what are the reasons for Braga’s sudden success? Below, the Young Pan Online explains how the association underwent a revolution from the beginning of the partnership with the energy drinks company.

Considered a club with little national expression, Bragantino became stronger from 2019 when it was bought by Red Bull, that doesn’t come in to play in the sports field. In addition to having two teams in Formula 1, the Austrian company manages four football clubs: Red Bull Salzburg (Austria), the team that dominates the national championships in its country; O RB Leipzig (Germany), already used to attending the Champions League; O New York Red Bulls (EUA), owner of the best regular season campaign of the MLS (Major League Soccer) for three opportunity; and RB Bragantino, the youngest of the franchise, who is experiencing a promising start. In all teams, the management model is based on the acquisition of young players who can yield and generate profit on resale. Thus, the business becomes sustainable while the brand is promoted.

Thanks to the merger with the company, Bragantino went from a modest team, used to playing in lower divisions and with little bargaining power, to a protagonist in the transfer windows. the case of claudinho, team jersey 10, purchased from black Bridge for just R$2.5 million, it is an example of success. Elected the star of the last Brasileirão, the midfielder is arousing the interest of some European clubs and should be negotiated after representing the Brazilian olympic team US Tokyo Games. Artur e Helinho, two other athletes considered important in the Maurice Barbieri, are young people who deliver on the field and can also earn good money in the future. The first was acquired for R$ 27 million after a discreet visit to the palm trees, while the second is borrowed by the Sao Paulo, but will be definitively contracted for R$ 22 million (price stipulated in the contract). Who also fits the negotiation profile is the midfielder Bruno Praxedes, who left Internacional last week after the club from Rio Grande do Sul accepted the R$36.9 million proposal.

Attentive to the ball market, the board is also notable for closing with players at the end of their contract. the right side Aderlan and the defender Léo Ortiz are examples that worked — the last one even ended up being called by Tite, coach of the main Brazilian team, to replace Felipe during a America Cup. A similar case is Ytalo’s. The center forward, the team’s top scorer in the Brasileirão, is at the club before the merger with Red Bull, but he also arrived at zero cost. In an interview with Pan Youth Group, he spoke about the expectation of being national champion. “Thiago Scuro, CEO of RB Bragantino, has already said that the project is to fight for the title in three, four, five years… But things are going very well. We have to keep our feet on the ground, working and trying to ensure that our game does not drop in performance, especially in the physical part. I hope we continue this good phase. Then, in the end, we see which position we are going to fight for”, analyzed the forward. “The advantage is that we are in a very good moment. I’ve been here for three years, I know the club well and this merger between Red Bull and Bragantino has been working very well. Now, with the pieces coming in, we are coming together more and more. I hope that by the end of the year we are celebrating.”

The encouraging start of RB Bragantino in Brasileirão, at the same time, is due to the work of Maurício Barbieri. Hired in the middle of last year to take the team out of the relegation zone, the coach implemented a position game at Massa Bruta, in which the athletes know exactly how to move to confuse the opposing marking. In addition, the team was known for the strong pressure on the ball out of rivals, in addition to having a deadly counterattack. Proof that the model is working is the number of goals — the team from the interior of São Paulo closed the eighth round ahead of Nacional’s artillery, with 17 balls in the net. The 39-year-old coach was even praised by rivals. “Red Bull Bragantino is one of the best teams in positional attack, in positional play. But positional play is just one way to score goals, it’s not the only way. Because there are teams that are overly positional and then become predictable,” he said. Abel Ferreira, in an interview given last season, after facing Braga. “We’re up against a very quality opponent, who doesn’t just do it against us. I have to say: I don’t know how this team is only in 12th place. We have to be humble and recognize that, on the other side, there is an opponent who has something we are looking for, which is physical freshness”, pointed out the Portuguese, already predicting the opponent’s growth.

Even at the beginning of its promising trajectory, RB Bragantino has not yet arrived at decisions. In the Campeonato Paulista, the team fell in the quarterfinals in the last two editions, against Corinthians and Palmeiras. In the Brazil Cup last season, he was eliminated in the round of 16, also by Alviverde São Paulo, while this season he ended up disqualified in the third phase, by Fluminense. Even so, Barbieri’s followers are gaining “husk” and showing competitiveness. In addition to being at the top of the Brazilian Championship, in which it finished 10th in 2020, the group still dreams of the Copa Sudamericana cup. On the 14th and 21st of this month, Massa Bruta will match forces with Independiente del Valle (EQU), champions of 2019, in duels valid for the round of 16.