Flavio Prado sees Palmeiras benefiting from arbitration against the Catholic University: ‘Very weird’ – Prime Time Zone


The JP commentator criticized the judge’s decision and questioned the favoring of the Brazilian teams, noting that, this week, Fluminense and Atlético-MG also benefited from refereeing errors against Cerro Porteño (Paraguay) and Boca Juniors (Argentina), respectively

Photo montage/Reproduction/Youth Pan/Conmebol TVFlavio Prado questioned favoring Brazilians in Libertadores

Flavio Prado placeholder image, commentator of Pan Youth Group, live o palm trees be benefited in 1-0 victory over Universidad Católica, last Wednesday, the 14th, in a match valid for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores da America. According to the journalist, the referee should not have scored the penalty for Zampedri, who touched the ball with his hand after a deflection on his knee – in the kick, Raphael Veiga converted and scored the lone goal of the match. During the broadcast, the JP professional criticized the judge’s decision and questioned the favoring of Brazilian teams. This week, Fluminense e Atlético-MG were also benefited by errors in the face of Cerro Porteño (Paraguay) and Boca Juniors (Argentina), respectively, and both arbitration teams ended up suspended by Conmebol.

“The ball hit the leg and then the hand. Here, in South America, the rule is not enforced. Absolutely zero intent. It wasn’t a penalty. In South America, we are looking to transform a football with no arms. The arms need to be tied to the body. Of course it wasn’t a penalty. In less than 24 hours, it was the third move that unabashedly favored a Brazilian team in the Libertadores. There was the move that benefited Fluminense against Cerro, in addition to Boca’s badly disallowed goal over Atlético-MG. Palmeiras didn’t play anything! What starts to get weird is the favoring of Brazilian teams in the competition, and there is a Brazilian coordinator in charge of refereeing there. So, it needs to be fixed”, fired the commentator.

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