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Luis Figo

New recordings revealed, this time with the president of Real Madrid criticizing Figo, Guti and Raúl.

Florentino Pérez remains in a complicated context. This Friday the Spanish newspaper The confidential publishes new recordings, in which the president of Real Madrid criticizes again some of the players who, at the time, represented Real. After Cristiano Ronaldo (and José Mourinho), now we hear the name of another Portuguese: Luis Figo.

And the words are not nice: “Figo is who fo… the spa. He was a son of a… just like Raúl. The two biggest evils were Figo and Raúl“.

It is not the first time that Figo appears in this context. The president of Real had already said: “When Figo arrived, he became friends with Raúl and they, along with Hierro, were in charge of the group. The madman of Vicente Del Bosque I had no idea what was going on”.

The president’s criticism of the posture of the former captain of the Portuguese team, years after Figo have been essential in the presidential campaign in 2000: the promise to sign the Portuguese, who played for Barcelona, ​​was decisive for Florentino to rise to the presidency of Real Madrid.

After five years in the Spanish capital, inserted in a “galactic” era, Luís Figo left Real Madrid in 2005, becoming a free player – and signed a contract with Inter Milan.

Guti, who was also one of Real Madrid’s figures this century, was also a target of Florentino, when in 2012 the manager commented on the fact that the Spaniard was hired as a commentator for football matches: “Guti’s face looks like a goat and he is your worst enemy. THE Ser string hired him to comment: the To be deserves for wanting to hire an idiot, and the Cadena Cope equal; he will leave them hanging and he won’t even show up”.

This week, Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho had already been included in the businessman’s criticisms.

The radio Zero Wave had informed that there was bribery before the publication of these recordings. A Real Madrid vice president met the person who has the wiretaps and he demanded 10 million euros to continue to keep recorded conversations secret; as the club did not accept it, the files were published.

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