Formula 1 launches new car for the 2022 season; see details – Young Pan


Showcasing at the ‘F1 One Begins’ event, the new model headed to the Silverstone track, where the British GP will be played this weekend

Play/Twitter/@F1New Formula 1 car for 2022

A Formula 1 launched this Thursday, 15, a new car for the season 2022 of the category. Presenting at the “F1 One Begins” event, the new model went to the track of Silverstone, where the Great Britain GP will be played this weekend. In a statement, the organization said that one of the main changes is in the rear wing, which is smaller compared to the one currently used. In addition, the new car also has larger 18-inch wheels. The idea is to increase competitiveness and provide more overtaking during races.

Leader of the 2021 World Championships, Max Verstappen talked about the model. “Interesting, it’s quite different from what we’re used to,” said the Red Bull driver. “It’s a new era. It’s going to be amazing for the fans,” he said. Lewis Hamilton, from Mercedes, vice leader of the Worlds and seven times champion in the category. Among other changes, the car also has a new egg nose and front wing design, return of the wheel hubs, increased percentage of biocomponents in the fuel and chassis that absorb more energy when hitting.