Fortaleza wins São Paulo at Morumbi and becomes vice-leader; game has serious medical care – Young Pan


In the game that ended 1-0, the masseuse had a convulsive crisis near the lawn, was treated by doctors and taken to Hospital São Luiz

Reproduction/Twitter/FortalezaEC/07.17.2021Fortaleza beat São Paulo, who played at home

O Sao Paulo, who won two straight victories, had his recovery interrupted by strength in the Brazilian Championship, even playing at Morumbi. the team of Hernan Crespo lost 1-0 this Saturday, 17th. The defeat puts a brake on the team’s attempt to rise, as they sought their third straight victory in the tournament after a start seen as disastrous. The match was marked by serious medical care, which happened around 30 minutes into the second half. Marcelo Silva, one of the São Paulo masseurs, had a convulsive crisis on the edge of the lawn. He was seen by doctors from São Paulo and was conscious when he was taken to Hospital São Luiz.

Fortaleza has a great campaign in the tournament. Directed by Argentine Juan Vovjoda, the team from Ceará temporarily occupies the second position in the table, with 24 points, just one of the leader Palmeiras, who will play on Sunday. In addition, the team collects victories over strong teams, such as Atlético-MG, Corinthians e International. São Paulo, on the other hand, parked at 11 points, in 14th place. Again with a mixed formation, São Paulo spared holders for the decisive clash for the last 16 of the Copa Libertadores, on Tuesday, 13, against Racing. In the first leg, draw 1-1.

Some players did not take the chance to regain space in the squad, including Pablo and Rojas. Substitutes for Eder and Rigoni, who are injured, the men in front had a lackluster performance and wasted the opportunity to establish themselves among the holders. The two were substituted at the start of the second half without any great offensive moves. More aggressive and objective, São Paulo managed to be more dangerous at the beginning of the game. This translated into two moves. At 10, Igor Gomes kicked well from the edge of the area and demanded a difficult defense from Boeck. Even with a mixed lineup, São Paulo became more attentive, more connected and with an appetite to seek their third straight win. Encouragement alone, however, was not enough. The team had two main problems: the direct connection from defense to attack, without going through the creation sector, and lack of approximation between the players.

Used to high levels of ball possession, Fortaleza was forced to play in another way, recovering the ball and trying to get out at speed. This took the strength of the team from Ceará. The best chance came from a free kick rehearsed at 30 minutes. Titi dodged her head, to Volpi’s left. In the second half, the balance of the game was totally tilted to the Ceará side. With greater movement ahead, especially between midfielders and forwards, the visiting team felt at ease in Morumbi. The clear odds began to pile up. On minute 10, Robson received a nice pass inside the area, but he couldn’t get enough space to finish. He tried to heel, but Volpi was already on top and choked. At 28, Robson managed to open the scoring. After a good free kick, he headed it off: 1-0. Crespo changed a lot in the team, promoting the return of the holders, to try to regain possession of the ball and control of the game. Fortaleza was little threatened in the final stretch and still had chances to expand the score.

Details of medical care

São Paulo’s defeat by Fortaleza was marked by a dramatic episode. Around 30 minutes into the second half, one of São Paulo’s masseuses, Marcelo Silva, had a convulsive crisis on the edge of the pitch. Agitated, members of the technical committee waved their arms and called for rescue. It took the ambulance about three minutes to get onto the lawn because the engine wouldn’t start. Some security guards and even players, including striker Pablo, had to push the vehicle. When he entered the ambulance, he was conscious and moving. He was taken to the hospital near the Morumbi stadium.

*With information from the Estadão Agency.