Gaviões da Fiel repudiates the amendment presented by the PT president; understand – Young Pan


The Corinthians uniform treated Gleisi Hoffmann’s proposal as ‘absurd’ and said that ‘it won’t touch the club’s money’

Photo montage/Reproduction/Twitter/@gavioesoficial/instagram/@gleisihoffmannGaviões da Fiel rejected the amendment presented by federal deputy Gleisi Hoffmann

A Faithful Hawks, main organized of the Corinthians, issued a note this Thursday morning, the 14th, repudiating the proposed parliamentary amendment to Bill 2336/2021, the so-called “Mandator’s Law”, presented by the federal deputy Gleisi Hoffmann. In it, the president of the Workers’ Party (PT) I would like the uniformed fans to receive 5% of the amounts transferred by the TVs to the clubs for the purchase of broadcasting rights – the proposal, however, was refused in the Chamber of Deputies. In a statement, Gaviões treated the idea as “absurd”.

“Corinthiano supporter, we emphasize that the reason for the existence of the Gaviões da Fiel Torcida is the Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, since 1969, we were born as an independent force in order to supervise. A NON-PROFIT entity, and that’s what allows us to oversee the giant Corinthians. Thus, we repudiate PL (Bill) 2336 presented yesterday (14) by Federal Deputy Gleisi Hoffmann. PL provides for the right to participate in the sharing of profits from games with organized fans. WE DO NOT AGREE TO THIS ABSURD BILL AND WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY BINDING OF OUR ENTITY AND ANATORG. The Gaviões were born to be able to claim”, wrote the organizer.

Gleisi Hoffmann’s justification is that the organized ones “have a party in the arenas and develop many social actions with the participants”. Although the amendment by the PT federal deputy was refused, last Tuesday afternoon, the Chamber of Deputies approved the “Lei do Mandante”, which alters the commercialization of broadcasting rights for football matches. The PL gives the home clubs the rights to negotiate the broadcast of the match. According to current law, this right belongs to the two teams that compete in the championship, the home and the visiting teams. In all, 432 deputies were in favor of the project, and 17 were against. Now, the text goes for consideration in the Senate. In case of new approval, the PL will be sanctioned by the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party).