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Sporting suffered, was losing until the end (as in the first match with the Minho), but fought hard, never stopped believing, with the right mentality, and ended up giving Gil Vicente 2-1, in Barcelos, in the game that closed the 18th round of the Liga NOS.

The Japanese Kanya Fujimoto scored the first goal of the game in the first half, but in the second half the Minho shrank, Sporting pushed their opponent and scored twice for the same player, Sebastián Coates. With this result, the “lion” increased the advantage points to the second placed FC Porto to eight.

The game explained in numbers

  • The return of Luís Neto leonine “eleven”, to the detriment of Gonçalo Inácio, was the main novelty in the options of Rúben Amorim, in relation to the victory over Marítimo. The gilistas, in turn, made several changes, including the tactical scheme, betting on a line of five defenses.
  • After two minutes, following a confused move in the Gil Vicente area, Sebastián Coates shot wide on the occasion. And at three, Lucas Mineiro saw yellow for a hard entry over Paulinho. The game started “on” and with a lot of struggle, and with Sporting’s dominance, as expected, reaching 66% of possession in the quarter-hour and the only three shots, one framed, a good defense from Denis at auction of Matheus Nunes.
  • The next big occasion of the game happened on 26 minutes, a incredible lost of Yves Baraye. Kanya Fujimoto kicked a strong kick in the front zone, outside the area, Antonio Adam made a great save but the ball was left for the Senegalese who, with everything to score, threw it to the side. Sporting replied, with a free kick from the right Antunes that nobody took advantage of, the ball deflected Henrique Gomes and, were it not for the reflexes of Denis, and the marker would gain color.
  • The half hour arrived with plus Sporting (65% possession), registering five shots, two framed, against three of the “cocks”, one with good direction. Ball actions in the areas were seven for visitors, four for hosts, and Expected Goals (xG) showed a “lion” closer to the goal (0.8) than the Minho.
  • Without great individual benefits at this stage, Matheus Nunes, with a rating of 5.6, was the best in the field, with six passes, all right, and two complete dribbles in two attempts. Nearby, with 5.5appeared Denis, the home keeper, with three saves and good in long passes, with four right in five, quickly starting counterattacks.
  • Until, after 36 minutes, the scorer really worked. Claude Gonçalves crossed from the left, Fujimoto fled offside and, before Adán, fired first into the back of the net. A goal to the Barcelenses’ fifth shot, second framed, which came a little against the current of play.
  • Surprise at the break in Barcelos. The leader Sporting, still without defeats in the championship, came to rest to lose 1-0, goal of Fujimoto, this despite having dominated the events in terms of possession of the ball.
  • Offensively, however, the Minho managed to attack and create danger, balancing operations, and managed to score.
  • The best on the pitch in the initial stage, however, was Gil Vicente goalkeeper Denis, common GoalPoint Rating from 6.2, the result of three defenses, two to shots in his area, and quality in the pass, with five long effective in seven.
  • Rúben Amorim made several changes right at the start of the second half, first grandson e Antunes to leave, for the entries of Tiago Tomás e Gonçalo Inácio, and then with the output of Matheus Nunes to give rise to Gonçalo Bragança. When Matheus left, in the 54th minute, he led the ratings, with 6.3 and six complete dribbles in six attempts.
  • Soon the “lion” showed that he would fall on Gil and, in the first quarter-hour of the complementary stage, wasted good moves, by Tiago Tomás and Paulinho. Sporting even reached 70% possession of the ball at this stage and five shots, the only ones in the interval, but none with the best direction.
  • Gil Vicente disappeared from the game in offensive terms, arriving at 70 minutes without any attack worthy of the name, nor any shot, and only 29% of possession. The goal of the draw of the “lion” was guessed which, even so, reached eight shots, without being able to fit any.
  • Eventually logic prevailed. The leonine pressure was very intense and, in the 83rd minute, in a left-hand area, at the entrance of the area, Coates shot from the top, without defense for Denis. A goal that Sporting already justified, with the 20th shot in the match, framed fourth – 13th shot in the second half.
  • E the goal of leonina’s victory arrived in the first minute of the discounts. Free from the left, a kind of short corner, and Coates, again, now on high, heading with 2-1 quality, putting justice in the result. Sporting reaped the fruits of great pressure and having never given up, Gil paid the price of having abdicated to attack.

Hugo Delgado / Lusa

The best in the field GoalPoint

What a great game of Coates, to defend, to attack, with sacrifice, ambition and quality in attack.

The Uruguayan was the Departure MPV, common GoalPoint Rating from 8.0, fruit of two goals that marked, of course, but also because it was the more finisher of the match, with five shots, three framed (also maximum), added 74 right passes (highest value of the game), was the most interventionist in the match, with 108 ball actions, recovered possession eight times, won two out of three duels offensive air and five out of seven defensive.

Had it not been a blatant wasted occasion, your grade would have skyrocketed.

Focus players

  • Pedro Porro 7.2 – The usual service. The Spaniard was once again flawless, having been the assist for Coates’ winning goal. In addition, he recorded four passes for submission, had two dribbles completed in three attempts and also made four defensive actions in the opposite midfield.
  • Gonçalo Inácio 6.4 – The young central started at the bench, entered the second half and was at a high level. Highlight for the three flank variations, the two defensive aerial duels and the three interceptions.
  • Matheus Nunes 6.3 – The midfielder left at the beginning of the second half when he led the ratings. Matheus tried the dribble six times and was successful in all, adding five recoveries of possession and two tackles.
  • Gonçalo Bragança 6.2 – Another of the players who entered the second half, and successfully, helping the “lion” to push Gil to his defensive third. The young midfielder made a pass to finish and completed the three dribbling attempts, all in the Leon offensive third.


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