Giorgi Chanishvili – voice from the big judo tatami


His voice is known, but many do not know that he is Georgian. Many people in Georgia are also surprised that someone, somewhere in Tokyo or Buenos Aires, Ulaanbaatar or Jeju, Rio de Janeiro and Osaka, so unmistakably pronounces the names of Georgian athletes. However, this is the voice of Giorgi Chanishvili, Chano, who became the first Georgian speaker at the Olympic Games. It all started a little earlier, in 2015, when Giorgi took the Grand Prix, the opening ceremony of a large-scale international tournament in English, to Tbilisi, which was also attended by representatives of the International Judo Federation. It was they who liked his voice and told him that he filled the hall with a sporty vibe. They also offered to work in the International Judo Federation, if they learned the skills needed for an international dictator … Among them were to remember the names of hundreds of athletes correctly, to know their sports biographies, to sing their national anthems and their national music in general, etc. It was Giorgi Chanishvili who announced the name of the Olympic champion at the Tokyo Olympics, Lasha Bekauri, when he climbed the pedestal. He has won 5 world championships and up to 50 international tournaments on the Judo World Tour. .