Greatest player in NFL history, Tom Brady faces his successor Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl LV – Prime Time Zone


Match between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs takes place this Sunday, 07, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida

reproductionTom Brady and Patrick Mahomes face off on Sunday

The magic of the sport is to enjoy the journey of outstanding athletes. In the decision of the football this Sunday, 07, it will be possible to follow two of these stars in the field. Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) e Patrick mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) will duel the most coveted quarterbacks in the NFL. Owner of six champion rings and going for his tenth title decision, Brady, 43, is considered one of the greatest players in the history of the sport and, even though he is in shape, inspires questions about when he will act. Current champion and twice finalist in three years as a professional, Mahomes, 25, is considered the present and future of the QB position and has delighted fans of the most popular sport in the world. U.S. But who should win? For Pedro Albuquerque, from Fumble by Net, the largest podcast network on American sports in Brazil, is 50% to 50% in terms of cast.

“The team of Tampa Bay he has a very consistent defense that can put pressure on the opponent quarterback, he has the best pair of NFL linebackers, a very good secondary and an extremely strong defensive line. So I think Tampa’s defense is a key factor in the match. Kansas it has an extremely explosive attack, a very solid offensive line and a ground game that does not appear often, but when it does, it manages to do damage. It has one of the best weide receivers and the best tight rend in the league, which is Travis Kelce. It promises to be a well-balanced game ”, says the journalist. But it is clear that the experience can speak louder and decide the match.

“My favorite is Tampa Bay. I think Tom Brady is the greatest player in American football and, in all the decisive moments when he needed to appear, he showed patience, coolness and decision-making power. What you expect from a quarterback, a sheriff, he does. He’s a veteran who’s used to it. It is a balanced duel, but the experience should stand out from Kansas. I think that in addition to winning the Super Bowl by another team, he will be the first guy to win the Super Bowl at home (decision will be in Tampa, Florida). Only Tom Brady to do that, ”he said.

How do quarterbacks get to the final?

Tom Brady, also known as husband of Gisele Bündchen, defended the New England Patriots for 20 years, winning six Super Bowl titles in that period and reaching nine finals. And even with a brilliant career, at 43 he had to challenge himself to prove his quality. “He left New England for Tampa Bay a lot to prove that he was not just a player in Bill Belichick (Patriots coach), something that has always been talked about in the media. And he managed to do that and proved himself. He knows how to play decisive games. At time H, it always appears ”, explains Pedro.

Mahomes arrives at the duel as a postulant stealing Brady’s throne. “Mahomes is the current generation of great quarterbacks. He was an MVP, he won a Super Bowl, he was MVP of the Super Bowl, has the biggest contract in the history of American sports, more than R $ 2.7 billion to stay ten years in Kansas City. It is really a phenomenon. It’s something that we don’t see every day. I had a lot of expectations about him, because he was a big bet on the draft. He went to a team that already had a good quarterback (Alex Smith), who came from a good season. And, since he assumed the title, he was the best QB in the league. In the last 20 years, since Brady’s arrival, no player has arrived with such pomp in the NFL as he did ”, he compares.

Is Brady the greatest athlete of all time?

There is a controversy about Tom Brady being the greatest athlete of all time, ahead of Skin, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, among others. The statement goes a lot from the titles he won, but it also considers his longevity. However, not everyone agrees with this analysis. “He is placed in that position because, within American football, he is in fact the best athlete. But if looking at longevity, some Russians and Canadians in ice hockey, or Alex Garcia, who has been in baseball for 20 years, should be on that list too. But there is that, for the American, his is always the biggest and best in the world. I think that if it is to choose within each modality, it is easy not to place it as the greatest in the history of American football, ”he said.

There is yet another one. “For some, the Buffon he can be considered the best player of all time in football, but, as he is a goalkeeper, he does not have all the prestige that attackers have. In American football, in which there are three teams on the field (defense, attack and specials), I find it very difficult to make this comparison of the greatest player of all time, because you can pick defense guys who had an absurd career, like Ed White and Lawrence Taylor, who played a lot in the 1980s and is considered the best defensive player in history. So, it is very complicated, because within the modality there is already a discussion ”, concluded the journalist.