Hospitalized after tumor removal, Pelé is conscious and recovers in a ‘satisfactory manner’ – Prime Time Zone


Medical bulletin points out that the King’s vital signs are within normal limits, but he remains in the ICU

EFE/Sebastiao MoreiraPelé remains in the ICU even though his recovery improves.

O soccer king is still recovering well from a bowel tumor removal on Monday the 6th. On the afternoon of this Friday, the 10th, the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein published a new medical report on the state of health of Skin and ensured that he is aware, talks to the medical team and shows satisfactory improvement. Even so, he is still in the ICU. “The patient Edson Arantes do Nascimento has been recovering satisfactorily, he is conscious, talking actively and keeping vital signs within normal limits. It remains in the Intensive Care Unit”, says the note. At 80 years old, Pelé has faced some health problems in recent years. Since 2018 he has participated in a few events and since last year he has used a walker and a wheelchair to get around.

On his social networks, Pelé reported that he feels better every day and that he is ‘eager to play again’. “My friends, with each passing day I feel a little better. I’m looking forward to playing again, but I’m still going to recover for a few more days. While I’m here, I take the opportunity to talk a lot with my family and to rest. Thanks again for all the kind messages. Soon we will be together again”, wrote the King.