“I don’t know what’s going on in Barcelona, ​​they didn’t even treat me like a player”


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Matheus Fernandes

Matheus Fernandes had a contract with the Catalans until 2025 but, in June, he learned that he was going to leave the club… by email. He’s already signed for Palmeiras but he doesn’t forget what happened in Spain.

He had been one of the highlights of Botafogo for two years, he returned to shine in Palmeiras; Barcelona was attentive and managed to sign Matheus Fernandes, in January 2020. The midfielder signed a contract until 2025 but has already left the Catalan club. By the middle played… 20 minutes for Barcelona, with a loan to Valladolid under his belt.

after the seven million euros spending on his hiring, the Catalan management decided to terminate Matheus’s contract at the end of June, less than a month ago. And warned the player through an email.

“I didn’t know about the termination and when I did, I didn’t believe it. I was at home, I was going out with my wife, I got a message from the club board asking if I was using the same email. I confirmed it and then I received it. I didn’t understand, I sent it to my manager and my lawyer. They said it was my termination. No talk, nothing, they didn’t even call me to say goodbye“, laments the young footballer in an interview with Globoesporte.

“I don’t know what management did, I don’t know what’s happening with Barcelona. I don’t know, they’re taking a very strange turn. Firing one by phone, firing another by email… It costs nothing to talk. In any job they can tell me they don’t count on me. It has to be talked about. But it’s not a call and it’s gone, an email and it’s gone. I think it’s very unprofessional,” continued the Brazilian, whose lawyers presented a lawsuit against the club.

Matheus admitted that since he was a child he dreamed of playing for Barcelona; but his debut in Catalonia was almost a nightmare: “When I arrived, didn’t treat me like an athlete. I told the director that they weren’t treating me like a professional Barcelona player. Regardless of whether I win a lot or a little, whether this or that has been done, I am a Barcelona athlete. I want to be treated like others. The other reinforcements were presented and I didn’t. They scheduled the presentation about 10 times and it never happened. I was a little upset. But it’s not a club that will tarnish my career.”

Two weeks ago, Matheus Magalhães returned to Palmeiras. He wanted to return to Brazil to feel “happy and at home” and will be under the orders of Portuguese coach Abel Ferreira.

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