I said to myself: “Auriol, the first is your place” – and it was – ZAP


Leszek Szymanski / EPA

Portuguese Auriol Dongmo champion of the weight throw in indoor track

The Portuguese Auriol Dongmo won, this Friday, the gold medal of the launching of the weight in the European Championships of indoor track and field, which are being disputed in Torun, Poland.

Auriol Dongmo won the gold medal in the race to launch the weight of the European Championships in indoor track and field, having revealed that she said to herself that she deserved the first place.

“I looked at her [a sueca Fanny Roos], and for the brand, and said to me: ‘Auriol’, the first is your place, it belongs to no one else, and I launched with it in my mind ”, said the athlete, cited by the Portuguese Athletics Federation.

Dongmo he won in the final with a 19.34 meter shot, in a contest where he always shot more than 19 meters, taking out the first and the last, which were null. The silver medal went to the Swedish Fanny Roos, with 19.29, and the bronze medal to the German Christina Schwanitz, with 19.04.

After the triumph, he remembered his son and trainer, Paulo Reis, who made “many sacrifices” to put her on this level, having seen him “very calm”, in contrast to the usual, in which he is “very interventional”.

Even after guaranteeing victory in the competition, in a 2021 in which he has led the sport and added victories, he admitted to having entered “A little bit nervous”, Since the athlete, who played in the Rio2016 Games for Cameroon, made her debut in Europeans.

But I am very happy to arrive and win the gold”, Shot the national record holder of Portugal and Cameroon, which has the best world mark of 2021 (19.65 meters). “In the warm-up I did a launch well above 19.80 meters, but what matters is that I got the medal and soon the gold one”, he commented.

Already cleared for Tokyo2020, postponed to this summer, the goal is to continue there “in good shape”, with the goal of “reaching 20 meters later this year”.