‘I should have given up long before Tokyo,’ says Simone Biles – Young Pan


Athlete revealed that the abuses committed by the North American Gymnastics Federation doctor, Larry Nassar, caused too much mental strain


the gymnast Simone Biles believes he should have given up on the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 even before the event starts. Because of twisties problems, phenomenon of fitness where the mind and body don’t connect, the athlete withdrew from five races and withdrew in the middle of the team dispute to take care of her mental health. Despite her personal problems, Simone still secured a silver and a bronze medal. In an interview with New York, the athlete revealed that the abuses committed by the doctor of the North American Gymnastics Federation, Larry Nassar, caused a great mental strain. “If you look at everything I’ve been through in the last seven years, I should never have been on another Olympic team. I should have given up long before Tokyo, when Larry Nassar was in the media for two years. It was too much. But I wouldn’t let him take something from me that I’ve worked for since I was 6 years old. I wouldn’t let him take that joy out of me. So, I stuck it out as long as my mind and body allowed it”, said Simone.

The new reality imposed by the coronavirus pandemic – with daily tests to detect Covid-19 and the absence of public and family members in the stands – also had an impact on his mental health. “My perspective has never changed so quickly from wanting to be on a podium to wanting to be able to go home alone without crutches,” she confessed. “I got more and more nervous. I didn’t feel as confident as I should have with as much training as we’ve had.” She even stated that she would not go back if she could go back in the past. “I wouldn’t change anything because everything happens for a reason. And I learned a lot about myself – courage, resilience, how to say no and speak for yourself,” she said.