In a game of five goals, São Paulo turns against Guarani for the Campeonato Paulista – Prime Time Zone


Tricolor left behind on the scoreboard, but reversed the result and won the 5th victory in the tournament

Playback / TwitterMatch between São Paulo and Guarani was well played

For the 9th round of Paulista championship, O Sao Paulo received the Guarani at the Morumbi stadium and won 3-2. The coach’s team Hernan Crespo is facing a marathon of games, having entered the field three times in the last five days, so the team that went to the field on the night of this Wednesday, 14, was reserve. Who opened the scoring were the visitors, at 10 minutes with the defender Airton, in aerial ball toss. The hosts managed to match the game more, but it was only after 45 minutes that Wellington took advantage of a hit by goalkeeper Gabriel and drew.

On the way back from the break, Tricolor Paulista started with everything. At four minutes, Galeano crossed and Igor gomes he kicked consciously into the goal, turning the game around. From then on, the owners of the house were not in such danger and Guarani improved their chances. At 24, Davó had a great chance and on the next move, Bruno Savio tied after crossing. The goal made São Paulo better and at 34, Vitor Bueno had a good chance, but lost. Five minutes later, the same Vitor Bueno redeemed himself and scored the winning goal by touching Gabriel’s corner.

The victory leaves São Paulo first in the B Group with 16 points, six ahead of the Railway. Guarani remains fourth in the Group D with five points, three less than the leader Mirassol. São Paulo’s next game will be against Palmeiras, on Friday, the 16th. Guarani will enter the field only on April 20, against Ferroviária, to play a late game in the 5th round.