Ishaan Kishan entry .. Gabbar in Danger Zone


Prime Time Zone, Sports: The harder it is to earn a place in Team India, the harder it is to maintain it. Once you have a place in the final team, you will not be able to relax. Must continue to prove himself in every match. Young cricketers are ready to replace that position once it fails. Many talented cricketers are ready on the bench through domestic cricket and IPL. Do not hesitate to prove themselves if they get the chance. The impact on senior opener Shikhar Dhawan came with the recent opening of Ishant Kishan. They are the ones who continue to run even if they have failed in a match in the past. But in changed circumstances team management is not taking such a chance. Dhawan said the message that no matter how many seniors are put aside if necessary cannot be conveyed.

Can World Cup hopes be dashed?

Shikhar Dhawan was once a cricketer who played in all three formats of Team India. Huddle for opposing bowlers if Gabbar is at the crease. But the first Test cricketer lost his place in the team due to poor form. Not coming out as a regular opener due to recent injuries. Shikhar Dhawan, who played the T20 against England several days later, was a complete failure. Gabbar’s situation has worsened now that his replacement Ishan Kishan has excelled. Indian batting coach Vikram Rathore made one thing clear before the start of the T20I against England. He said the series would give an idea of ​​who will be in the squad for this year’s T20 World Cup. That’s when the seniors started testing with the guys where they failed. With Ishan Kishan passing the test, Shikhar was in danger of losing his place. Critics also say that Kishan is a good match for Rohit Sharma as the opener now. Kishan has played many matches with Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma. The duo is said to be a hit in international cricket.

He is the best choice ..

Team India vice-captain Rohit Sharma will definitely be in the World Cup squad. KL Rahul or Ishant Kishan are now being considered as openers for him. Rohit Sharma will face stiff competition from both. Ishant Kishan Attacking cricket is something that unites him. Ishaan’s style is to break into opponents from the first ball. Kishan is in a better position than Dhawan in hitting sixes. Ishaan on the other hand is a specialist wicket keeper. With this, Kishan will be able to take over the responsibilities if Rishabh Pant misses the match for any reason. But Dhawan is just a batsman. Either way .. Dhanav is facing stiff competition from Ishaan Kishan. However, a decision can be made about Kishan in a single match. There is no doubt that he is a better batsman. But at the same time it remains to be seen how he will fare in international cricket. A cricket analyst has said that it may not be true that the experienced Shikhar Dhawan will be left out of the World Cup squad.