Italian Championship changes the regulation and prohibits the use of green uniforms; understand – Young Pan


From the 2022/23 season, color will not be allowed; Sassuolo is the only team in Serie A that uses green

Reproduction/ Twitter @SassuoloUSSassuolo’s team has green as its main color

From the 2022/23 season, the Italian Championship will no longer accept clubs wearing green uniforms. The reason for the change is to help with television broadcasts, as organizers understand that the color of the shirts contrasts with the color of the lawn and can cause distortions in graphic advertising displays. Among the top Italian teams, the Sassuolo he is the only one to use green as the shade of his official uniform (Lazio and Atalanta have already used alternative shirts in this color). On its social networks, Sassuolo published the hashtag #ForzaSasol after the decision. However, this was not the only change foreseen in the official regulation of Serie A, which was published this Thursday, the 15th.

In the next season, the uniforms for the matches must follow the following script: a team with a light color and another with a predominant dark color. In case of striped uniforms (such as those used by the Milan e Milan Internationale), the colors must be totally different. “If the shirt is circled, with stripes or plaid, the other should not contain any of the colors present in the first one”, says the document. In other words, the della Madonnina derby will undergo major uniform changes.