‘It’s been 10 years since I walked away and my life just got better’, says Kelvin Hoefler about skating bullshit – Young Pan


Olympic medalist participated in the program ‘Cadeira Cativa’ and clarified gossip involving Letícia Bufoni and the Brazilian Skate Confederation

EFE / Juan Ignacio RoncoroniKelvin Hoefler is an Olympic silver medalist in skateboarding street

The Olympic medalist in skateboarding street, Kelvin Hoefler, participated in the program Captive Chair this Friday, 30, and commented a little about the ‘bullshit’ between him, the skateboarder Letícia Bufoni and the Brazilian Skate Confederation – CBSk, which stirred up social networks after the unprecedented achievement of Santos. In an Instagram video, Leticia he said that Kelvin is not ‘the hangout’ and stays away from everyone. “I had a focus. I didn’t travel 16 hours to get ‘little’ with each other or things kind of wrong I saw. I’m not going to join a friendship group that only talks bad about each other, a negative vibe. I went there to win and I was undermining those friendships and focusing on my goal. It’s been over 10 years since I walked away from these people and my life changed after that, it was just rocket, so it was good. Falador is sick, that’s the truth”, said the athlete. Specifically about Buffoni, Kelvin said they met when they were younger, but despite their differences, he has no problem with her.

“She grew up on her home street in Guarujá, but when she moved to the USA we didn’t have that connection anymore. She didn’t come back there and we lost some communication. She lives her world and I live mine. I don’t know if there’s bullshit, because she said some things and I cheered for her the next day. I think what she said was unhappy”, he added. Another point in the story is its relationship with the CBSk. Soon after the medal, Kelvin’s father vented on the confederation’s social networks, pointing out that his son was left out by the top hats. He answered what he gave. “I don’t know if I can speak because of legal issues. But the Confederation is difficult because we give our best, we do such a big run and they don’t care. They prioritize only a few people and in my view it’s not right, as a confederation. My father is right, he’s been with me from the beginning and I’m with him until the end”, he added.

Check below an excerpt from the interview with Olympic medalist Kelvin Hoefler: