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Wallpapers are gone and the month has passed …! The festive month has also changed …! For the jallikattu competitions which are traditionally held for the Sankranthi festival .. even if the month of February is half over ..


Jallikattu Competitions: Sankranthi Poi Month Passed…! The festive month has also changed! For the jallikattu competitions that are traditionally held for the Sankranthi festival .. there is no break even after half of the month of February. Jallikattu competitions are still going on somewhere in the state. Jallikattu competitions are going on in Chettipalayam, Coimbatore district. The competition was inaugurated by Tamil Nadu State Minister Velumani.

The organizers brought a thousand horned bulls to these competitions. About 750 youths from Coimbatore district enthusiastically participated in the competition. The ground was crowded with people who came to watch the jallikattu competitions. Police have set up heavy security to prevent any untoward incidents.

Young men competed to catch the bulls left on the ground. Tried to stop the running bulls. The bulls snorted and ran. So far 14 people have been injured in the incident. Two of them were rushed to a Coimbatore hospital in critical condition. Jallikattu competitions, however, continued.

Many were injured but the organizers did not care. Even though the police were there, the youngsters were injured. It was all seen as part of the game. The organizers announced the winners and presented prizes to the competition, which lasted until the evening.

However, the organizers announced that the competition will continue. There have been criticisms that jallikattu competitions are being held with political prestige. Criticisms abound that the managers ignored the Kovid rules.

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