Juninho Pernambucano hits ex-Lyon coach and reveals discussion on account of Brazilian – Prime Time Zone


The Brazilian manager of the French club said that Rudi Garcia ‘was strong only with the weakest’ and told how the relationship with the coach was

Damien LG / LyonRudi Garcia and Juninho exchanged barbs after leaving the Lyon coach

Juninho Pernambucano, sporting director of Lyon, did not let the declarations of Rudi Garcia, coach fired from the club last Sunday, 23, who detonated the Brazilian in an interview with the newspaper L’Equipe. This Thursday, the 27th, the idol of the French team used Lyon’s official TV to speak out, accusing the coach of not having empathy. “Rudi shows that he is strong, tough, gives wrong answers. He is happy to see himself talking. If he could see himself talking, he would love to. I think my way of being bothered Rudi. He is really cold as a human being, he has no feeling. Rudi has a habit of tiring people, of imposing himself. I accept things, but in a moment I’m going to explode. That is what happened. Rudi was strong only with the weakest. We have to be strong with the strongest ”, said the ex-athlete from Brazilian Team.

The Brazilian manager also reported a discussion he had with Rudi Garcia because of the Brazilian midfielder Jean Lucas, ex-Santos and Flamengo, which was loaned at the insistence of Rudi Garcia. “He (Garcia) said that he had tactical deficiencies, that he was not smart, that he needed to make progress. Jean is a monster in training, he was waiting for his chance. Rudi insisted on lending it because he said he was not progressing tactically, I insisted on the contrary. I asked him to give him an opportunity with the best, ”he commented. “I asked for the statistics and he had better statistics than many midfielders before Paquetá arrived. I was starting to mess up and make Jean Lucas’s head, but he never stopped working. I spoke with Jean, his father and his agents, he had better go, ”said Juninho Pernambucano. Finally, the director even nudged Rudi Garcia, stating that he did not feel betrayed because they were not close. “We are betrayed by true friends. We were not close, ”he concluded.