Michael Jordan’s underwear is put up for auction with an initial value of R$ 2,500 – Prime Time Zone


Piece was put up for sale by the star’s former bodyguard, John Michael Wozniak

Reproduction/lelands.comPiece has ‘evidence’ that it was used a lot

Would you buy a pair of used underwear for Michael Jordan? If your answer is yes, you are in luck as they are for sale. The Lelands website has placed two gray and black boxers, used by the legend of the basketball American, for the initial bid of 500 dollars (R$ 2,500, approximately). The piece has the name ‘Jordan’ on the elastic and a logo of the NBA and, in her description, indicates that she has ‘evidence’ that it was used a lot, including a loose thread in the leg area. The star’s former security guard John Michael Wozniak was the one who put the item up for sale. The auction also includes a cashmere coat, suits, button-down shirts and belts. Bidding will close on September 25th. In October 2020, another security guard who worked with Jordan, John Capps, auctioned the Chicago Bulls’ champion rings in the 1990s for R$1.7 million.