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Moreirense 1-1 Sporting | Lion stumbles when falling from the cloth – ZAP


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Sporting did not go beyond a draw to a goal in the visit to Moreirense. The championship leader controlled the game most of the time, scored for Paulinho – the former Braga’s first goal with the new jersey – but in the second part he let the canons get closer to his goal.

The victory no longer seemed to escape the “lions”, but after the 90th minute, Walterson scored a great goal, who stole two points from visitors.

Rúben Amorim said, in the preview of this game, that one of Sporting’s strengths was the ability to manage advantages, but in this match his team did not succeed. With this result, there are now eight points that separate Sporting from second place, FC Porto, while Benfica, third, is 11.

The game explained in numbers

  • Rúben Amorim surprised, by slightly changing the usual structure of his team. Instead of the pronounced 3-4-3, the leonino coach reinforced the midfield, with the entry of Daniel Bragança, thus giving Pedro Gonçalves more freedom to approach the only pure striker, Paulinho. On the canon side, Abdoulaye, Felipe Pires e Filipe Soares were the first bet, in the places of Ferraresi, Alex Soares e Yan Matheus.
  • The first big shot of danger came at nine minutes. Rafael Martins fled on the right and, in a good position to shoot, did it in force, but next to Adán’s goal. An excellent opportunity for Moreirense to practically win the match. But it was the “lion” who dominated the game in the first quarter of an hour, with 63% possession of the ball. However, in this phase, only one team had completed, the home team, Rafael Martins’ shot.
  • On 21 minutes came the 1-0. Daniel Bragança, on the right, pulled out a category cross, Paulinho headed for Mateus Pasinato’s tight defense, but in the reload, the ex-Braga didn’t waste and pushed to the bottom of the goal, thus scoring his first goal with the Sporting shirt. In three shots, two framed, the “lion” came to the advantage.
  • By half an hour it was already clear that Sporting kept Moreirense stuck and unable to leave their midfield. The very close lines prevented the home team from thinking about their game, so at half an hour, they were only 35% possession of the ball, such an early shot and 68% passing efficiency, with 44% passing. vertical. The “lion” didn’t shoot since the goal, but he already had ten actions with the ball in the opposite area, against one.
  • Rúben Amorim was forced to remove Nuno Mendes, injured, in the 39th minute, entering Matheus Reis to your place. Nothing changed, Sporting continued to control the operations and, after 45 minutes, a new goal appeared, for Paulinho, move canceled for offside.
  • First half completely controlled by Sporting, which only allowed a danger throw, and then closed Moreirense in a “cage” from which it never managed to leave.
  • More ball, more shots, although few, and a goal, the first of Paulinho with the leonina jersey, they were enough for the Lisboners to take advantage of the break.
  • At this stage, Daniel Bragança was the best in the field, common GoalPoint Rating from 6.4. The young midfielder took full advantage of the title and registered a striking occasion created by two passes for finishing, 91% of pass effectiveness and two offensive aerial duels won (100%).
  • Start of second half with another move of great danger from Sporting, in which Pedro Gonçalves and João Palhinha were very close to scoring. And in the 58th minute, another goal annulled Sporting by offside, this time from “Pote”, by… two centimeters. Sporting was struggling to “kill” the game and, after 60 minutes, Amorim took Daniel Bragança and launched Tiago Tomás, returning to the usual “lion” costume.
  • At this stage, the canons were already able to get a little closer to the leonine area, registered a global possession of 40%, but they were only three shots, none on goal, continuing to reveal weaknesses in the pass – 70% effectiveness – and in the offensive aerial duels – 63%.
  • The game did not evolve in the following minutes and entered the last ten with the Moreirense trying to reach the attack with danger, but always bumping into the impeccable defensive organization of the “lion”, who attacked with quick ball changes, on the first touch many times, but poorly defined the moves.
  • That’s why, Moreirense ended up taking advantage of Sporting’s inefficiency to draw. After 90 minutes, the ball reached Walterson on the right side and this, with a spectacular shot, left foot, reached the 1-1. The canons reached their goal in the only framed shot they had managed in five attempts.

José Coelho / Lusa

The best in the field GoalPoint

Sporting’s big signing in the winter market, Paulinho, finally scored with the shirt of the “lion”. And not satisfied, scored another, invalidated by Pedro Gonçalves offside, and the game is over with the best GoalPoint Rating.

Your 6.9 reflects the goal scored, but also shot qualitybecause it framed the two shots it took. In the pass the highlight goes to the seven valuable offensives that added up, the maximum of the game, as was the number of ball actions in the opposite area (6). Collectively he went to work without problems, registering seven defensive actions.

  • Daniel Bragança 6.5 – The big surprise in Rúben Amorim’s opening eleven. And despite not having completed the 90 minutes, the young midfielder made an excellent match, with a flagrant occasion created by two passes for submission, 89% pass effectiveness and two offensive aerial duels won.
  • João Palhinha 6.3 – The usual powerhouse. João Palhinha was everywhere: attacking, with two shots, one framed, five offensive aerial duels, three wins; and to defend, with two aerial duels won in three and impressive seven tackles. He was the most loaded player at fault (6) and the second most at fault (4).
  • Walterson 6.2 – The best element of the canons. The Brazilian was always one of the most energetic and he was the author of the excellent goal that gave the men a draw. Of the six dribbling attempts, he completed two, adding up to six recoveries of possession, three defensive actions in the opposite midfield and the maximum number of fouls committed (5).
  • João Mário 6.2 – Cerebral, as always, tried to give spaces an extra rhythm to the Leonine transitions, in the fast pass or even in the transport of the ball. The game ended with the maximum number of passes to finish (4), attempts to dribble (11) and complete dribbles (6), as well as possession recoveries (11) and pass blocks (3).
  • Fábio Pacheco 6.1 – In recent seasons, one of the consistently most reliable players in Moreira de Cónegos’ line-up, the “latch” has again made a beautiful game. In all, he recorded 12 defensive actions, with emphasis on the six tackles and the four interceptions and also signed four defensive actions in the opposite midfield.
  • Lazar Rosic 6.0 – The Serbian central was responsible for the lower quality of Sporting in the final moments. With no problems to avoid the danger in any way, he added eight reliefs, maximum of the game, won two of three defensive aerial duels and made six recoveries of possession.


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